Chasing The Moon

A SUMMER OF SPACE continues with CHASING THE MOON: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. Enjoy this 6-hour, riveting space journey on Sunday, July 14! 


Sunday, July 14       

1:00PM     Chasing the Moon: American Experience - Part 1 
Explore the early days of the space race, the struggle to catch up with the Soviet Union and the enormous stakes in the quest to reach the moon. This episode reveals both the breathtaking failures and successes of the developing U.S. space program.

3:00PM     Chasing the Moon: American Experience - Part 2  
Discover what it took to beat the Soviet Union to the moon in the space race. In the turbulent and troubled '60s, the U.S. space program faced tragedy with Apollo 1, but made a triumphant comeback with Apollo 8.

5:00PM     Chasing the Moon: American Experience - Part 3 
Experience the triumph of the first moon landing, witnessed by the largest TV audience in history. But dreams of space dramatically intersect with dreams of democracy, raising questions of national priorities and national identity.