Sunday Drama

Downton Abbey Season 3, Poldark Season 2, Endeavour Season 5, and The Tunnel
Sunday July 15 at 5:00PM, 7:00PM, 8:00PM, and 9:30PM 

5:00PM   Downton Abbey Season 3
Wedding guests descend on Downton Abbey, where disasters large and small threaten. One is Cora

7:00PM   Poldark Season 2 on Masterpiece
Ross does Elizabeth a favor. A mysterious benefactor reciprocates. The search is on for Mark, who knows where secret riches lie. George starts Plan C against Ross.

8:00PM   Endeavour Season 5 on Masterpiece
A photoshoot on an army base turns sinister when a model is found dead. As Endeavour and Strange take the lead on the investiga-tion, their differing opinions push their friendship to breaking point. Then another body is found on the base.

9:30PM   The Tunnel
Another message from the Pied Piper leads Karl and Elise to a horrifying discovery. As the net closes in, one of the cornered perpetrators lashes out. Could this be the end of the line for one of the team?

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