Sunday Drama

Downton Abbey Season 4, Poldark Season 3, The Miniaturist and My Mother and Other Strangers
Sunday, September 16 at 5:00PM, 6:00PM, 7:00PM, 8:00PM and 9:00PM



5:00PM     Downton Abbey Season 4 on Masterpiece, Part 4
Can Bates learn what is troubling Anna? Meanwhile, Thomas installs a new ally, and Alfred takes up cooking.

6:00PM    Downton Abbey Season 4 on Masterpiece, Part 5
Rose's surprise party for Robert risks scandal. Mary meets an old suitor, and Edith gets troubling news.

7:00PM    Poldark Season 3 on Masterpiece, Finale
Elizabeth turns the tables on George. Rev. Whitworth is checkmated. Demelza and Lt. Armitage reveal their true feelings. Poldark makes a vow.

8:00PM    The Miniaturist on Masterpiece, Part 2
Johannes makes a confession to Nella, promising no more secrets but his enemies are already closing in. Otto disappears, and Marin reveals her own secret.

9:00PM    My Mother and Other Strangers on Masterpiece, Part 2
See what happens when Francis goes poaching and Emma finds a new suitor. Rose stands up for justice and becomes a local hero.


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