Sunday Drama

Downton Abbey Season 3 on Masterpiece and Poldark Season 3 on Masterpiece 
Sunday, August 12 at 5:00PM, 7:00PM, 9:00PM and 10:00PM


5:00PM    Masterpiece Classic Downton Abbey Season 3 - Finale
Part Seven

7:00PM    Poldark Season 3 on Masterpiece - Part 1
George has everything going for him: Elizabeth, an heir, the Poldark lands, his own church. Meanwhile, Demelza's brothers, Sam and Drake, take up preaching. After Caroline and Dwight elope, Dwight vanishes.

9:00PM    Poldark Season 3 on Masterpiece - Part 2
Ross goes to revolutionary France to search for information about Dwight. George dispenses rough justice in his new role as magistrate. Drake falls in love with the governess Morwenna.

10:00PM  Poldark Season 3 on Masterpiece - Part 3
A failed harvest incites food riots, which George handles harshly. Demelza and Ross get a family addition. Morwenna gets an unwelcome suitor in Rev. Whitworth. A clever plan to import grain foils George.


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