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APT Create Takes You to Amazing Places!

Thanks to viewer support, APT Create takes you into the studio with artists, into the kitchen with great cooks, into the workshops of woodworkers and quilters, and around the world with guides like Rick Steves. Here are some special programs you’ll be seeing the week of July 13 – 21 as we ask viewers to become contributors: 

Bob Ross: The Happy Painter
A behind-the-scenes look at the beloved public television personality's journey from humble beginnings to an American pop-culture icon.

Drop 7 Foods, Feel Better Fast! With JJ Virgin
Nutrition expert JJ Virgin explains how food intolerance can be the root cause of inability to lose weight.

Eat & Cook Healthy! With Dr. John La Puma
Physician John La Puma ("Chef MD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine") shares simple, nutritious recipes that will leave you with more energy. Learn how to make saffron scallop, shrimp and chickpea paella and several other tasty, healthy dishes.

Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen Special Edition
Grilling guru Steven Raichlen shares some of his favorite recipes and talks about his travels on the world's "barbecue trail." Steven ventured to 30 countries in order to bring viewers of every grilling level - veterans and novices alike - an impressive collection of full-flavored, imaginative and easy-to-follow recipes.

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Skills
Rick Steves packs 30 years of travel experience into an information-rich two-hour special following his favorite 3,000-mile "Best of Europe" loop. Rick covers planning an itinerary, hurdling the language barrier, driving rental cars and catching trains, avoiding scams, eating well, sleeping smart, staying safe and revealing everything viewers need to know to turn their travel dreams into reality.

Rick Steves' Delicious Europe
America's favorite travel guide savors classic European cuisine - from garlicky snails and handmade mozzarella to savory bouillabaisse, hearty wurst and other regional specialties. He also dines on gourmet tapas in Galicia, visits a cozy trattoria in Rome, tastes the catch of the day in Greece and sips wines from ancient vines in Burgundy.

Sewing with Nancy: 30th Anniversary
Reminisce with Nancy and a studio audience as she takes you behind the scenes over the past 30 years of Sewing With Nancy. Celebrate past and present memorable experiences with Nancy's special guests.

Don’t forget, Alabama Public Television is offering a special Journey with Us Travel Bag this summer for a contribution of $120. Any amount you can give makes a difference. Thank you!