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Discovering Alabama


Discovering Alabama

Discovering Alabama is an Emmy-winning television series focusing on Alabama's natural environment. Host and series creator Doug Phillips, an environmental educator and nature writer at the University of Alabama. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of Alabama's natural diversity and promotes natural resource conservation and environmental stewardship. Discovering Alabama is produced by the Alabama Museum of Natural History and the University of Alabama in partnership with the UA Center for Public Television and Alabama Public Television.

Upcoming Episodes

A Walk in the Woods

Thursday, May 28 at 9:00 pm on Main

Red-cockaded Woodpecker

Sunday, Jun 7 at 10:30 am on Main

Wildlife Rescuers

Sunday, Jun 14 at 10:30 am on Main

White Tail Deer

Sunday, Jun 21 at 12:00 pm on Main


Sunday, Jun 28 at 12:00 pm on Main

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