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Pledge Programs for Sun August 11, 2013

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1:00 amPOV Last Train Home

Migrant workers journey to their home villages for the Chinese New Year as their family grows distant.

2:30 amArchitect Robert A.m. Stern: Presence of the Past

Architect Robert A.M. Stern heads a successful New York architectural firm with worldwide commissions. He is also the dean of architecture at Yale and a prolific author whose tomes are measured pounds, not pages. In 2011, Stern received the Richard H. Driehaus Prize, an international award honoring architects who create cla...

3:00 amCuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go to War

Explore the inside story of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, when the world teetered on the brink of nuclear holocaust. In the first major feature documentary on the subject, the film brings to life the three central characters — Kennedy, Castro and Khrushchev — and explores how the world’s most powerful men fell i...

4:00 amWashington Week With Gwen Ifill

WASHINGTON WEEK is the longest-running primetime news and public affairs program on television. The show features a group of journalists participating in a roundtable discussion of major news events.

4:30 amCharlie Rose - The Week

This special Friday night offering will feature highlights of conversations with the week's guests on Rose's nightly PBS program. From studios in New York City and locations around the world, Charlie Rose talks to people in every field who have 'a great story to tell.'

5:00 amGED Connection Decimals

This program addresses what decimals mean and how they used. Decimals to the left of decimal point are whole numbers, whereas those to the right are fractions. Features a bank teller discussing the importance of decimals with money, and how an error of one decimal place can be costly. Also featured are several instructors s...

5:30 amGED Connection Fractions

This program on fractions is the fifth of 13 programs within the mathe matics section of the series GED Connection. This episode explains the concept and many applications of fractions to make them more understa ndable and useful to adult learners who may have been previously intim idated by them. It explains a fraction as ...

6:00 amWorkplace Essential Skills Trends and Predictions: Graphs and Data

The role and importance of evaluation and the effective presentation of data.

6:30 amWorkplace Essential Skills Orientation

An introduction to the series and its accompanying workbooks.

7:00 amCurious George School of Dance / Curious George Sounds Off

George creates a footsteps dance step map to help Bill prepare for Allie's dance party.

7:30 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Trick or Treat / King Cecil the Seahorse

The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Nick trick or treating - his way! Around the world they go!

8:00 amSuper WHY! The Tortoise and the Hare

The Super Readers learn about good sportsmanship when they fly into "The Tortoise and the Hare."

8:30 amDinosaur Train Hootin' Hadrosaurs! / Hatching Party

Perry Parasaurolophus, a dinosaur with a crest on his head, teaches Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don a new way to hoot hip tunes. Later Buddy and Tiny attend an egg-hatching party, where they meet their pal Cory Corythosaurus' new siblings.

9:00 amMartha Speaks Eyes on the Skies / Camp Truman

Truman is worried T.D. will embarrass him in front of his idol, Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

9:30 amWordGirl Who Wants to Get Rid of Wordgirl?/the Talented Mr. Birg

Seymour Smooth has brought some of WordGirl's biggest villain enemies together to play a game of, Who Wants to Get Rid of WordGirl? Will his strategy of using them to ultimately defeat WordGirl work? Or will he find himself outsmarted by our hero? Vocabulary Words: Strategy, Giddy / When Scoops writes an article about all t...

10:00 amClifford the Big Red Dog Clifford Cleans His Doghouse / And Baby Makes 4

Clifford cleans out his doghouse but can't throw things away because each item holds a memory. Also, Jetta has a new baby brother, but that means that she no longer gets all the attention.

10:30 amArthur Big Brother Binky

In this special two-part episode, Binky's family adopts a baby girl from China.

11:00 amUse Your Brain to Change Your Age With Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen shares simple steps to boost your brain to help you live longer and look younger.

1:00 pmVictor Borge: Comedy in Music!

Recently re-discovered funny skits include footage from the Andy Williams Show and Perry Como Show.

1:30 pmBurt Bacharach's Best

Celebrate legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach, with host Robert Wagner introducing archival performances by the original artists who made the music famous, including Dionne Warwick ("Walk On By," "I Say a Little Prayer"), B.J. Thomas ("Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head"), The Carpenters ("Close to You"), The Fifth Dimension...

3:00 pmDownton Abbey Revisited

Savor the greatest moments from Seasons 1, 2 and 3, along with behind-the-scenes interviews with the producers and your favorite cast members — both above and below stairs. Angela Lansbury hosts.

4:30 pmBig Band Vocalists

Highlights the greatest 'crooners' and 'canaries' of the 1940s, including Perry Como and Doris Day.

6:30 pmDownton Abbey Revisited

Savor the greatest moments from Seasons 1, 2 and 3, along with behind-the-scenes interviews with the producers and your favorite cast members — both above and below stairs. Angela Lansbury hosts.

8:00 pmMagic Moments: The Best of '50s Pop

The McGuire Sisters, The Lennon Sisters, The Chordettes, The Four Aces and more take the stage.

10:00 pmMy Music 101: Superstars of Seventies Soul Live

This is a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of legends — all original performers singing their greatest jammin’ hits. Soul diva Patti LaBelle hosts the historic reunion of classic recording artists of the decade, including the Commodores, original lead Eugene Record reuniting with the Chi-Lites, the Stylistics, Yvonne Elliman, H...

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