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Pledge Programs for Sun July 21, 2013

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12:00 amCoastal Cooking With John Shields Fry Babies

Artist and chef extraordinaire Joyce C. Scott makes her Maryland Fried Oysters Remoulade along with Church Hall fish fry-style fillets.

12:30 amRick Steves' Europe Classics France's Alsace

After village-hopping and wine-shopping along the Alsatian wine road, we savor the world-class cuisine and art of Colmar and visit the birthplace of Champagne.

1:00 amLidia's Italy in America Kansas City: Italian American Steak in Kansas City

Lidia makes Steak Pizzaiola, tempting Roasted Potato Wedges and Ricotta Cookies for dessert.

1:30 amAmerica's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated

Test cook Julia Collin Davison shows host Christopher Kimball how to make the best Grilled Beef Satay. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reviews his top picks for saute pans in the Equipment Corner. And finally, test cook Becky Hays uncovers the secrets to making quick Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps at home.

2:00 amJoanne Weir's Cooking Confidence Pizza With Pizazz

Lavash Pizza with Herb Salad, Arugula and Orange Salad and Lemon Turkey Cutlets are prepared.

2:30 amMartha Stewart's Cooking School Sauteing

Sauteing is one of the quickest and most versatile cooking methods. It works well for almost any small cut of meat or fish. Martha demonstrates how to dredge meat or fish in flour and the importance of cooking over high heat to achieve a perfect, golden-brown finish. She uses these techniques to cook wiener schnitzel, chick...

3:00 amThis Old House Cambridge Project, Part 15

Granite posts set off the landscape and the revived vintage doorbell crowns the foyer in Cambridge.

3:30 amRick Steves' Europe Classics France's Alsace

After village-hopping and wine-shopping along the Alsatian wine road, we savor the world-class cuisine and art of Colmar and visit the birthplace of Champagne.

4:00 amTravelscope Crossing the Swiss Alps

From cosmopolitan Geneva to the UNESCO heritage Aletsch Glacier, Joseph travels through Switzerland by bus, train and lake steamer.

4:30 amLidia's Italy in America Kansas City: Italian American Steak in Kansas City

Lidia makes Steak Pizzaiola, tempting Roasted Potato Wedges and Ricotta Cookies for dessert.

5:00 amIt's Sew Easy Technologies

It's Sew Easy offers a novel approach to sewing that focuses on contemporary style, not age. Designers from across the country share their expertise, showing easy ways to create great sewing projects without the stress of perfection.

5:30 amScheewe Art Workshop Path to Follow

Discover the technique of "tapping" on layers of foliage, to create depth in your painting.

6:00 amPati's Mexican Table Convent Food

Picadillo Empanadas of the Immaculate Conception, White Rice and Poblano Rajas Casserole are made.

6:30 amThe Cooking Odyssey Metsovo

Chef Yianni demonstrates how to make Bouyourdi, Greek lamb with roasted potatoes and Halva.

7:00 amClodagh's Irish Food Trails Tipperary

Clodagh visits the iconic Rock of Cashel and farmers' markets in Cahir and Carrick-on-Suir.

7:30 amRachel's Favorite Food for Living Chocolate

Host Rachel Allen dedicates an entire episode to one of her favorite foods - chocolate. Later, she prepares a white chocolate mousse, hazelnut and caramel bars, and a cappuccino torte.

8:00 amArt Wolfe's Travels to the Edge The Making of Travels to the Edge

Follows Art Wolfe's intrepid crew as they venture through the remote kingdom of Bhutan and Nepal.

8:30 amGrannies on Safari Peru - Cusco & Machu Picchu

The Grannies visit Cusco, a world heritage site, and the former capital of the Inca civilization.

9:00 amAsk This Old House Hanging a Flat Panel TV / Controlling Insects Without Pesticides

Master electrician Scott Caron hangs a flat panel television on the wall and conceals the wiring.

9:30 amRough Cut: Woodworking With Tommy Mac Platform Bed

Tommy joins forces with actor and woodworker, Nick Offerman, to create a Platform Bed.

10:00 amGrowing a Greener World Gardening Myths Debunked

A true "Garden Professor" walks us through some examples of why certain gardening myths don't work and what to do instead.

10:30 amKatie Brown Workshop Christmas

A no-stress holiday meal of red pepper risotto, pork tenderloin and Kentucky eggnog are prepared.

11:00 amPrimal Grill With Steven Raichlen Make No Mis-Steak

People may dream of smoking whole hogs and briskets, but admit it: what you really want to know on a practical basis is how to grill the perfect steak.

11:30 amLidia's Italy in America Italian Style Steak

Lidia makes Fettuccine with Malfada Sauce, Steak with Pizzaiola Sauce and Ricotta Cookies.

12:00 pmTaste This! Cooks Who Care

Traveling to gourmet and organic markets throughout the United States, Chef Joe Ciminera invites culinary experts to enlighten viewers with their knowledge on a wide variety of food topics.

12:30 pmEssential Pépin Cattle Call

Grilled Steak with Lemon-Thyme Butter, Spicy Rib Roast and Veal Chops with Caper Sauce are served.

1:00 pmJoanne Weir's Cooking Confidence Argentina Remembered

Gazpacho Salad, Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri and Roasted and Grilled Potatoes are served.

1:30 pmBarbecue University With Steven Raichlen Texas and Oklahoma

Drunken steak, smoke-lahoma brisket with baked beans and bourbon and apricot spit-roasted ham.

2:00 pmJulia and Jacques Cooking at Home Beef

"There's nothing as good as a good piece of meat," and as Julia is quick to point out there is less and less really good (well marbled and aged) beef to be found.

2:30 pmAmerica's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated Bistro-Style Steak and Potatoes

Bridget Lancaster shows Chris how to make a five-star meal at home and serves it with Potato Galette.

3:00 pmCook's Country From America's Test Kitchen Simple Summer Supper

Perfect Steakhouse-Style Steak Tips and the secrets to the ultimate Dill Potato Salad are featured.

3:30 pmPrimal Grill With Steven Raichlen Spanish Smoke

Victor's Shrimp, Salt-Grilled Rib Steak and Catalan Cream crusted with spiced raw Sugar are served.

4:00 pmPrimal Grill with Steven Raichlen Special Edition

Grilling guru Steven Raichlen shares some of his favorite recipes and talks about his travels on the world's "barbecue trail." Steven ventured to 30 countries in order to bring viewers of every grilling level - veterans and novices alike - an impressive collection of full-flavored, imaginative and easy-to-follow recipes.

5:00 pmDrop 7 Foods, Feel Better Fast! With JJ Virgin

A nutrition expert explains how food intolerance can be the root cause of inability to lose weight.

6:30 pmEat & Cook Healthy! With Dr. John La Puma

Physician John La Puma ("Chef MD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine") shares simple, nutritious recipes that will leave you with more energy. Learn how to make saffron scallop, shrimp and chickpea paella and several other tasty, healthy dishes.

8:00 pmRick Steves' Europe Travel Skills

RICK STEVES' EUROPE TRAVEL SKILLS distills Rick Steves' 30 years of travel experience into an information-rich two-hour special. Shot on his favorite 3,000-mile "Best of Europe" loop - Amsterdam, Germany's Rhineland, Venice, Siena, the Italian Riviera, the Swiss Alps, Paris and London - Rick covers planning an itinerary, hu...

10:00 pmRudy Maxa's World Food, Drink & Place

Haggis in Scotland, tea in Japan, asada in Argentina, bibimbap in Korea and more are showcased.

10:30 pmEssential Pépin Good Catch!

Grilled Swordfish with Spicy Yogurt Sauce and Baked Mackerel with Potatoes and Onions are made.

11:00 pmAmerica's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated Indian Classics Made Easy

Man on the Street John "Doc" Willoughby learns about Indian cuisine from Chef Floyd Cardoz. Then, test cook Becky Hays teaches host Christopher Kimball how to make two classic Indian recipes: Indian Flatbread and Indian-Style Spinach with Fresh Cheese. And finally, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for juicers...

11:30 pmJoanne Weir's Cooking Class Spicy Sausage Penne & Harvest Flatbread

Recipes include Penne with Tomatoes, Spicy Fennel Sausage and Cream and Wine Country Flatbread.

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