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Pledge Programs for Sun July 21, 2013

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12:00 amGlobe Trekker

A culinary tour of Vietnam includes Pho Binh noodle shop in Ho Chi Minh City and much more.

2:00 amPOV Only the Young

Follow three unconventional Christian teenagers coming of age in a small Southern California town. Skateboarders Garrison and Kevin, and Garrison’s on-and-off girlfriend, Skye, wrestle with the eternal questions of youth: friendship, true love and the promise of the future. Yet their lives are also touched by the distress...

3:30 amSky Island

In Northern New Mexico a range of mountains rises up from the high desert, a wild, rugged land of the Faraway Nearby. The volcanic Jemez Mountains are isolated from all other ranges -- an island in the sky, surrounded by a desert sea. In 'Sky Island,' filmmaker John Grabowska profiles this enchanting landscape and our place...

4:00 amWashington Week With Gwen Ifill

WASHINGTON WEEK is the longest-running primetime news and public affairs program on television. The show features a group of journalists participating in a roundtable discussion of major news events.

5:00 amGED Connection Measurement

This episode of GED Connection" covers measurement. It goes over the units of measurement that we use, when we use them, and how they're co nverted to other forms of measurement. It is explained that useful con versions will be supplied on the GED test for those who take it but th at it's a good idea to commit them to memor...

5:30 amGED Connection Formulas

This episode of GED Connection focuses on formulas. Formulas are writt en in the language of algebra using letters to stand for numbers. Thes e letters are called variables. A list of formulas will be supplied to the GED test taker but it is important to understand what the formula s mean in order to put them to use. The fo...

6:00 amWorkplace Essential Skills Ready to Work

Understanding and demonstrating work-readiness skills.

6:30 amWorkplace Essential Skills Workplace Safety

Developing safety-conscious attitudes and skills.

7:00 amCurious George George's Lawn Service / Curious Goes On A Scavenger Hunt

George and Allie are crazy about Mr. Renkins' new kids - baby goats named Suzie and Sammy. But when the goats keep escaping their pen and chewing on everything in sight, can George and Allie find a way to keep their friends penned up? / It's a race around the city as George, Marco and Chef Pisghetti go on a shape-finding sc...

7:30 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Surprise Surprise / A Howling Good Time

Nick and Sally can't learn to do a somersault, but Luis the Armadillo is the king of the roly polys!

8:00 amSuper WHY! Alice in Wonderland

After Princess Pea misses a birthday party, the Super Readers enter the world of "Alice in Wonderland," where they learn about a white rabbit who's running late for a tea party.

8:30 amDinosaur Train Valley of the Stygimolochs / Tiny Loves Fish

Buddy wonders if he'll ever grow horns. As a result, Mrs. Pteranodon takes him to meet Stygimoloch dinosaurs, which have really big horns.

9:00 amMartha Speaks The Long Rotten Summer / The Case of the Shattered Vase

TD decides to spend this summer in the only place where the days never end: school.

9:30 amWordGirl Captain Tangent / Chuck and Brent Ride Again

Becky butts head with a new villain, Capt. Tangent, while at dinner with her family at Blackbeard's Buffet. Later, Chuck makes his brother Brent his sidekick, but their robbery of a sub shop goes wrong.

10:00 amClifford the Big Red Dog Who Me, Jealous? / A Bunny in a Haystack

Mrs. Diller is taking care of Susie, her sister's puppy, for the weekend. Cleo determines to "out-cute" the puppy and win back Mrs. Diller's affection.

10:30 amArthur Night of the Tibble/read and Flumberghast

Night of the Tibble - The Tibble Twins are having their first sleepover! The lucky victim err, guest: James. Will the Tibbles lock him in the dark basement? Strap him to the terrifying Flatter Fling? Serve him cupcakes and cookies for dinner?!? Educational Objective: James learns that facing your fears can be rewarding (and...

11:00 amBookmark Judith ortiz Cofer

Growing up, this author lived part of the year with her mother and military father in New Jersey and part with her grandmother in her native Puerto Rico. The experiences have fueled a dozen books in several genres including the novel, "The Meaning of Consuelo" and a memoir, "Silent Dancing."

11:30 amSecond Opinion

After a loss, grief is the natural process of recovery. From losing a job to the death of a loved one, it is important to learn how to process feelings in a healthy way. A panel of experts is joined by Terry Congdon, a father whose daughter was tragically killed, as he offers insights into working through the emotions of gr...

12:00 pmDiscovering Alabama Alabama Wetlands

Alabama Wetlands examines Alabama's diverse array of wetlands, from those in the mountainous northern part of the state to those along the broad floodplains and coastal marshes of the lower part of the state. Wetland ecologists discuss the scientific description of wetlands and the many environmental values that wetlands pr...

12:30 pmDiscovering Alabama Bear Creek Watershed

Much of the region around Bear Creek in northwest Alabama is rural farm and forestland. However, several decades ago Bear Creek was officially closed to public use due to serious water pollution. In this program, host Dr. Doug Phillips canoes Bear Creek to examine the natural qualities of the Bear Creek watershed. Along the...

1:00 pmCapitol Journal Week in Review

(JULY 19, 2013) Senate Minority Leader Vivian Figures of Mobile joins CAPITOL JOURNAL. Despite some calls for her do so, says she won't apologize for saying this week that the GOP's dominance in Alabama is due in part to racism. We'll also talk with Alabama PSC President Twinkle Cavanaugh about this week's final hearing on...

2:00 pmMoyers & Company

Since the end of slavery in America, no workers have been more exploited than the men and women who bend to the earth in backbreaking labor, picking fruits, vegetables, and tobacco. Despite miracles of agricultural progress and innovation over the decades, the harsh lives and working conditions of migrant laborers have chan...

3:00 pmEgypt's Golden Empire The Warrior Pharaohs

Egyptian rulers Ahmose, Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh, and Thutmosis III are explored.

4:00 pmEgypt's Golden Empire Pharaohs of the Sun

By 1400 BC the Egyptian empire is in a golden age of wealth and power, led by Amenhotep III.

5:00 pmEgypt's Golden Empire The Last Great Pharaoh

Ramses II's crowning achievement against the Hittites is the basis for a new period of stability.

6:00 pmSecrets of Chatsworth

In its 500-year history, Chatsworth has been home to some notable inhabitants, among them the 5th Duke of Devonshire, his wife, Lady Georgiana Spencer, and Lady Elizabeth Foster, who lived together in a manage a trois. King Edward VII enjoyed shooting parties on the estate and was often entertained by Duchess Louisa, one of...

7:00 pmSecrets of Highclere Castle

The behind the scenes story of the one of the England's most spectacular country houses is shared.

8:00 pmMasterpiece Endeavour: Rocket

A royal visit to a family-owned munitions factory begins as a proud occasion for the people of Oxford, but the joyous day ends with murder. Morse delves into the family's murky past, as well as his own, as he attempts to uncover the culprit before more lives are lost.

9:30 pmDiscovering Alabama Alabama in Space

Travel to space has given us new a perspective on our planet - and new knowledge about it. 40 years after Marshall Space Flight Center helped put a man on the moon, join Doug Phillips to see what the journey has helped us discover right here on Earth. And learn about Alabama's role in space exploration today.

10:00 pmA Hot Dog Program

Visits some of the nation's coolest hot dog places and learn how and when this food became popular.

11:00 pmWe Have Signal Thee Oh Sees

We Have Signal is APT's Emmy-winning live music program filmed exclusively at the BottleTree Cafe; in Birmingham, AL. The series features new and innovative bands from around the state, the country and even the world.

11:30 pmMasterpiece Inspector Lewis, Season 4: Wild Justice

An investigation into the poisoning of a bishop uncovers a twisted maze of motives and retribution.

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