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The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! | Secret Super Digger / Pucker Up and Blow | 12:30 pm
Curious George | Red Planet Monkey/Tortilla Express | 1:00 pm
Curious George | Mother's Day Surprise / Jungle Gym | 1:30 pm
Arthur | Buster's Secret Admirer / The Last King of Lambland | 2:00 pm
Nature Cat | Woodpecker Picks A Place/here Comes the Sun | 2:30 pm
Ready Jet Go! | How Come the Moon Has Craters?/backyard Moon Base | 3:00 pm


Alabama Public Television is here for you 24 hours a day - an educational resource for people of all ages. With Alabama Public TV you'll meet the best minds in the world and newsmakers in Alabama and across the nation. You'll hear music of all varieties. Explore the wonders of science and nature. Learn how to sew country quilts, paint masterpieces and cook like a gourmet chef. Kids love - and parents trust - Alabama Public Television's award-winning schedule of children's programs.


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