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LabTV - Session 1

Welcome to LabTV, created by the National Defense Education Program. These webisodes are aimed at enhancing and building America's strength in science and engineering and demonstrate the amazing research that is everyday work at various Department of Defense labs around the country. At the K-12 (pre-college) level, NDEP emphasizes hands-on learning experiences and encourages students and teachers of all ages to "learn by doing" with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Learning Modules. This video focuses on science but also touches on technology, engineering and math.



Video Segments for LabTV - Session 1

1. Beam Me Up

Length: 4 mins. 14 secs.

Air Force scientists work on the technology of science fiction.

2. Biofuel

Length: 4 mins. 14 secs.

Turning T-Shirts and Table Scraps into Jet Fuel

3. Brainwaves

Length: 4 mins. 08 secs.

Reading Brain Waves Helps Keep Pilots Sharp

4. Building Body Parts

Length: 4 mins. 12 secs.

Saving lives, salamander style

5. Carbon Nanopearls

Length: 4 mins. 1 sec.

Cooking Up Tomorrow's TV Technology

6. Cells In Space

Length: 4 mins. 17 secs.

Helping Astronauts and Injured Soldiers

7. Chill Out

Length: 4 mins. 43 secs.

Tiny Refrigerator Saves Hubble Camera

8. Computer Vision

Length: 3 mins. 53 secs.

Teaching Machines to Recognize Images

9. Dolphin Lifesavers Part 1

Length: 4 mins. 27 secs.

Training for a Mission

10. Dolphin Lifesavers Part 2

Length: 4 mins. 20 secs.

How Dolphins See With Sound

11. Eye In The Sky

Length: 3 mins. 54 secs.

40 Pounds of Amazing Aircraft

12. Fighting Malaria

Length: 4 mins. 42 secs.

The Army's New Weapon Against a Killer

13. Flame Proof

Length: 4 mins. 1 sec.

Inventing New Flame Resistant Composites

14. Flat World

Length: 4 mins. 9 secs.

Interactive Training Goes Immersive

15. Hot Stuff

Length: 3 mins. 54 secs.

Active Denial From Very Hot to Suddenly Not

16. How High?

Length: 4 mins. 17 secs.

Pilot Safety at Serious Altitude

17. It's a Blast!

Length: 2 min. 33. sec.

Teenage Rocket Scientists Compete in The Plains, Virginia

18. It's a Small World

Length: 3 mins. 45 secs.

Big Things With Small Materials

19. Math Counts

Length: 3 mins. 59 secs.

Getting Good at Math for Fun and Trophies

20. Printing New Skin

Length: 4 mins. 7 secs.

Saving Lives with Ink Jet Printers

21. Robot Birds

Length: 4 mins. 20 secs.

Designing Micro Air Vehicles

22. Robot Birds Part 2

Length: 4 mins. 24 secs.

Flying in the Micro Aviary

23. Save the Bay: Robotics Challenge

Length: 4 mins. 17 secs.

Students Learn to Reverse Environmental Harm

24. Sergeant Star

Length: 4 mins. 35 secs.

A Virtual Human with a Sense of Humor

25. Spin Cycle

Length: 4 mins. 46 secs.

Training for High G Flying

26. Talk to the Hand

Length: 3 mins. 23 secs.

Communication Glove Designed for Space Will Be a Delight on Earth

27. Virtual Human

Length: 4 mins. 35 secs.

Blurring the Reality Barrier

28. Virtual Therapy

Length: 4 mins. 28 secs.

Technology Helps Heal Minds and Bodies

29. Virtual World

Length: 4 mins. 10 secs.

Digital Bagdad in a California Desert

30. Where in the World?

Length: 3 mins. 40 secs.

Navy Engineers Move From How It Works to Making It Better

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