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Journey Proud is Alabama Public Television's new documentary series highlighting the People, Customs, and Traditions of Alabama. Hosted by Joey Brackner, Director of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture, Journey Proud canvases the state documenting Alabama

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Episode#: 208
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Classical Indian Dance
Sudha Raghuram is a master of Bharatanatyam, a graceful style of classical dance originating in India. As a gifted performer and teacher, Sudha is a strong cultural link for her young students seeking a connection to their Indian heritage. Journey Proud visits Sudha and her students for practice and later at a dance recital of Cinderella adapted to Bharatanatyam style.
Episode#: 207
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Fireball Throwing
The tradition of soaking balls made of cloth in a flammable liquid for throwing is an Old-World holiday practice still found in some Alabama communities. Historian Doug Purcell takes us to visit the Henderson family of Pike County, who gather each year to throw fireballs with family and friends. We will learn how this holiday season tradition is practiced from the making of the fire balls to the rapid throwing and catching between participants.
Episode#: 206
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Bayou La Batre
The fishing community of Bayou La Batre in southern Mobile County has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in Alabama including several groups from Southeast Asia. Over the last thirty five years, Asian cultural traditions have become the latest layer of culture to help define this unique community. Charlie Tran gives us a tour of his town and we meet fisherman, restaurateurs, artists and community leaders.
Episode#: 205
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Mobile Brass Bands
Mobile has played an important role in the development of the brass band sound of the Gulf South. The Excelsior Band, founded in 1883 as musicians for the Creole Fire House, continue as an institution. Their prominent role during carnival season as Mobile's musical ambassadors has inspired a new generation of brass bands. In "Mobile Brass Bands,"
Episode#: 204
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Guadalupe Celebration
The Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12 by Mexicans throughout the world and commemorates the storied appearance of the Virgin Mary to the Indian Juan Diego in 1531, marking the beginning of Christianity in Mexico. At St. Theresa's Catholic Church in Leeds, Alabama, the observance of this festival ensures a level of cultural continuity for young Mexican-Americans and a fellowship opportunity for all members of a diverse congregation.
Episode#: 203
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Coon Hunting
Episode#: 202
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New Book Gospel
Seven Shape Gospel Convention singing is still popular in some parts of Alabama and represents the early 20th Century modernization of the older shape note traditions of Sacred Harp and Christian Harmony. These "new book" publications offered small town Alabama musicians the opportunity to publish their work. This sound also informed the emerging genres of Country Music and Rock and Roll. Joey Brackner hosts.
Episode#: 201
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Frankville Fiddler's Convention
The Frankville Fiddler's Convention is the oldest continuing example of a kind of community event that was once ubiquitous in Alabama. Showcasing a musical form that dates back to Alabama's early historic period, the convention also serves social and educational functions in the community and attracts visitors from beyond. Joey Brackner hosts.
Episode#: 109
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Mobile Bay's "Jubilee," an environmental condition where fish and other crustaceans become listless and float near the surface, is a late summer occurrence met with impromptu celebrations, community cooperation and an abundance of freshly cooked seafood.
Episode#: 108
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Joe Cain Day
Joe Cain Day is perhaps the most unique aspect of Mobile's Mardi Gras honoring the spirit of a man who helped revive carnival along the Gulf Coast after the Civil War. We
Episode#: 107
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Juke Joints
The juke joint, its Blues music, culture and history, harken back to a by-gone era. Yet, the music of the Blues is still deeply rooted in tradition and is alive and well in Alabama today, especially in urban areas where it now attracts a broader audience. Guests: Shar Baby, Roger Stephenson, Henry
Episode#: 106
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Redhorse Fish Snaring
In late spring, when the Mountain Laurel blooms in Bibb County, Redhorse fish are snared by using wire loops on long cane poles. What was once an important food gathering activity is now practiced as a seasonal family activity. Guests include historian and geographer, Dr. Jim Brown, of Samford University.
Episode#: 105
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Short Track Racing
Complex and labor intensive, the tradition of Short Track Racing is rooted in the earliest days of Alabama's car racing scene. This DIY culture continues to be epitomized at local tracks like the Montgomery Motor Speedway. Guests include Stevieray Martin, Hunter Robbins and others.
Episode#: 104
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Camp Fasola
Alabama is well known as a center of Sacred Harp singing. The innovative Camp Fasola, begun in 2003 by David Ivey with Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard, has been very successful in filling a void left by the old-fashioned singing school. Singing technique, appropriate foodways and etiquette are taught by lifelong Sacred Harp singers.
Episode#: 103
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Bbq Club of Sumter County
Private barbecue clubs of Sumter County, Alabama, have prospered for almost a century. Established for local fundraising, these organizations zealously guard their special sauces and cooking techniques. Viewers will get an inside look at the politics of pork in Black Belt Alabama.
Episode#: 102
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Decoration Day
North Alabama features an intense expression of Decoration Day observances in the late spring. This "cult of piety" involves the honoring of ancestors with church, family and community reunions and results in a decorated cemetery and opportunities to share family stories and impressive displays of food.
Episode#: 101
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Gourd Houses
American Indians first erected gourd martin houses to attract the useful Purple Martin bird. Today, the familiar gourd tree is emblematic of Alabama's rural landscape. JOURNEY PROUD host Joey Brackner explores this early Alabama tradition with guest Weldon Vickery in Monroe County.

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