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Original Air Date: 2/16/2006 Bills During Election Year
The 2006 Regular Session is the last Regular Session before voters go to the polls to elect the next legislature. Representatives and Senators seeking re-election are in the position of having to decide not only the merits of a bill but how it may impact their chance at another term. "For The Record" takes a look at the bills that may impact how lawmakers vote during this election year.
Original Air Date: 2/15/2006 Taylor Branch on Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.
Taylor Branch won a Pulitzer Prize for his book "Parting the Waters: America in the King Years: 1954-1963" on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when the Civil Rights movement began in Montgomery. Branch has completed his third book on King, "At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years, 1965-68." Branch will discuss the book which also looks at King's final days.
Original Air Date: 2/14/2006 Church Fires
In one week, nine churches have been burned. Officials have determined the cause of the fires was arson and now more than a hundred law enforcement officers on the local, state, and federal level are investigating. Early leads include a dark colored SUV at the scene of some fires.
Original Air Date: 2/13/2006 Preserving Alabama's History
Ed Bridges, Ph.D. the head of the Alabama Department of Archives and History will discuss preserving the state’s history. He will also discuss how the new addition is helping people researching Alabama’s past. Bridges will also take questions when viewers call 1-866-552-0025.
Original Air Date: 2/10/2006 Week In Review
Bob Martin of the "Montgomery Independent" will be among the three Alabama journalists discussing the events of the past week.
Original Air Date: 2/9/2006 Teaching The Bible
A bill before the Alabama legislature proposes to require public schools to offer a course on The Bible as an elective for students. The Bible would be the textbook for the class offered to students in grades 9-12. For The Record looks at the proposed course and what supporters and opponents are saying about the bill.
Original Air Date: 2/8/2006 Alabama Democratic and Republican Party Chiefs
Gubernatorial primaries, domestic spying and the war in Iraq are dominating state and national headlines, providing plenty of potential landmines for both Democrats and Republicans. How will the outcome of these issues affect the swing of the power pendulum? State party heads Joe Turnham (D) and Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (R) offer their spin on the political future and the potential pitfalls each group faces.
Original Air Date: 2/7/2006 World Affairs Council of America Head
Jerry Leach, Ph.D. is the President of the World Affairs Council of America. The organization, through its local affiliates, has some 484,000 members. A former diplomat, Leach served as Director of International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council and as Regional Director of the Peace Corps. Leach is visiting Montgomery to speak to the Alabama World Affairs Council.
Original Air Date: 2/6/2006 Community Action Association Head
The new executive director of the Community Action Association of Alabama talks about the group’s role in representing the twenty-two Community Action Agencies in Alabama. The agencies provide assistance to combat poverty in all of Alabama's counties. Lukata Mjumbe talks about the programs run by the non-profit organizations and takes viewer questions when they call 1-866-552-0025.
Original Air Date: 2/3/2006 Week In Review
Ken Hare of the “Montgomery Advertiser” and Quin Hillyer of the “Mobile Register” will be among the three Alabama journalists discussing the events of the past week.
Original Air Date: 2/2/2006 Mining Regulations
Two recent fatal accidents in West Virginia are prompting state officials to take drastic measures in an effort to improve mine safety regulations…Mine workers in Alabama have also been pushing for tougher enforcement of state mine safety laws…A representative of the United Mine Workers Association joins the show and will take your calls.
Original Air Date: 2/1/2006 Sidney Pike on CNN and News Coverage
Sidney Pike was once the head of International Projects at CNN. Pike helped Ted Turner start CNN. He has written a book on the early days of the cable news channel called “We Changed The World.” Pike talks about starting the network and the state of television news.
Original Air Date: 1/31/2006 Constitutional Debate
Alabama lawmakers have a measure before them asking for a statewide vote on whether a constitutional convention should be held. The convention would be used to write a new state constitution. Supporters say the current 1901 Alabama Constitution is outdated and needs to be replaced. Opponents say the effort is just a way to raise taxes. The merits of the bill will be debated.
Original Air Date: 1/30/2006 State Revenue Commissioner
Alabama Revenue Commissioner Tom Surtees discusses changes Governor Riley is proposing to the state’s income tax laws. The proposal includes raising the income level before paying income taxes and increasing the dependent exemption. Surtees will also discuss other matters related to collecting money for state coffers and take viewer questions when they call 1-866-552-0025.
Original Air Date: 1/27/2006 Week In Review
John Ehinger from the “Huntsville Times” will be among the three Alabama journalists discussing the events of the past week.
Original Air Date: 1/26/2006 Budget Battle
Governor Bob Riley has proposed an education budget that includes a pay raise for teachers and $500 million dollars for school construction. Riley says he plans to replace money in the state’s rainy day fund. Riley says his budget will put record amounts of money into education. Guests will discuss the merits of Riley’s budget.
Original Air Date: 1/25/2006 Death Penalty
“The Birmingham News” late last year announced it was changing its policy on the death penalty. The paper is now against the death penalty. There have been calls for a moratorium on the punishment while its application is studied in the state. For The Record examines the debate over death penalty.
Original Air Date: 1/24/2006 Technology in Schools
The Alabama Department of Education is looking at how technology is impacting state K-12 schools. During the entire week, the Department of Education will introduce people to how technology can help in teaching students.
Original Air Date: 1/23/2006 Celebration Calendar
A new calendar remembers the Montgomery Bus Boycott. “Once We Walked” highlights events of the more than year-long protest. The calendar recaps the happenings on a specific day. Mark Sabel, who worked on putting the calendar together, and civil rights attorney Fred Gray, discuss the boycott’s history. Viewers can ask questions when they call 1-866-552-0025.
Original Air Date: 1/20/2006 Week In Review
Steve Chiotakes from WBHM-FM in Birmingham will be among the three Alabama journalists discussing the events of the past week.
Original Air Date: 1/19/2006 Crimes Against The Unborn
Some thirty states have a laws making violence against a pregnant women carry penalties for two victims. There is a bill proposing similar penalties before lawmakers in the 2006 Regular Session. A look at the law and what it tries to accomplish.
Original Air Date: 1/18/2006 Finance Director on Governor's Budgets
Alabama Finance Director Jim Main talks about Gov. Bob Riley’s proposed budgets. The Governor announced in his State of the State Address he would like to use money for school construction. He also wants to institute a sales tax holiday, make changes to the income tax structure to reduce the burden for people with lower incomes, and provide additional money for educational programs. Main explains how the Governor’s plan would work.
Original Air Date: 1/17/2006 Hate Crime Legislation
State Representative Alvin Holmes has proposed legislation to add sexual orientation to the state’s hate crime legislation. It would mean additional penalties to a person who commits a crime motivated by a person’s sexual orientation.
Original Air Date: 1/16/2006 Dr. Martin Luther King and Bus Boycott
The Alabama State Archives hosted the premiere of an exhibit devoted to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The exhibit, “381 Days,” tells the story of the yearlong event with pictures, artwork, and recordings. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently opened an interactive museum to go with its famed Civil Rights Memorial. White Lutheran minister Rev. Robert Graetz talks about his work with Montgomery’s black religious leaders during the bus boycott.
Original Air Date: 1/13/2006 Week In Review
Bob Martin of the "Montgomery Independent," Dana Beyerle from the "New York Times Regional Newspapers," and Taylor Bright of the "Huntsville Times" will discuss the events of the past week.
Original Air Date: 1/12/2006 The Book of Daniel
A new television show on the trials and tribulations of a pastor has some saying it ridicules religion. The Book of Daniel follows The Rev. Daniel Webster (Aidan Quinn) he deals with the death of a son, a brother-in-law that has left with $3 million dollars of church funds, and the problems of members in his church and home. Does the show make a mockery of Christianity?
Original Air Date: 1/11/2006 Traveling To Holy Sites
Bruce Feiler has toured holy sites in the Middle East and written half a dozen books including "Walking The Bible" and "Where God Was Born." Feiler talks about his journeys and what he tries to convey in his books. Feiler’s book “Walking The Bible” has been adapted into a PBS series, the second episode of which will air following the 6:30pm broadcast of Wednesday’s “For The Record.”
Original Air Date: 1/10/2006 State Of The State
Alabama Governor Bob Riley delivers his State of the State address to open the Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature. Riley will outline his budgetary priorities for the next fiscal year. He will also tell lawmakers the bills he would like to see pass.
Original Air Date: 1/9/2006 Session Preview
Alabama Senate President Pro Tempore Lowell Barron and Senator Bradley Byrne will discuss the bills and issues facing lawmakers as they begin the 2006 Regular Session. Byrne and Barron will discuss the condition of state finances and what it will take to pass balanced budgets. They will also take viewer questions. The number to call is 1-866-552-0025.
Original Air Date: 1/6/2006 Week In Review
Sallie Owen of the "Mobile Register" will be among the three Alabama journalists will discuss the events of the past week.
Original Air Date: 1/5/2006 Cleaning Up Meth Lab
Congress is looking at a way to protect people from being exposed to crystal meth. The illegal drug is commonly being manufactured in residential properties where it can leave behind dangerous residues. The next people to occupy the dwelling can then be exposed to the drug. What will it take to clean up former labs and who will pay for it?
Original Air Date: 1/4/2006 Rev. Robert Graetz
During the 1950s’ civil rights struggles in Alabama’s capitol city, a white Lutheran minister stood side-by-side with Montgomery’s black religious leaders in pressing for racial change. Rev. Robert Graetz’s house was bombed as a result of that activism. Rev. Graetz will join us to discuss Montgomery, then and now and his belief in religious activism.
Original Air Date: 1/3/2006 Ambassador Chas Freeman
Ambassador Chas Freeman, President of the Middle East Policy Council and Co-chair of the U.S. China Policy Foundation, discusses the state of the Middle East. Freeman also served as U.S Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and as Assistant Secretary of Defense for National Security Affairs.
Original Air Date: 1/2/2006 Hank Williams
Paul Hemphill has written a book on country singer Hank Williams. In "Lovesick Blues: The Life of Hank Williams," Hemphill recounts Williams' life from his youth until his death at age 29. Hemphill talks about his motivation for writing the book.
Original Air Date: 12/30/2005 Year In Review
Leada Gore of the Hartselle Inquirer, Monica Allen from WAKA-TV Montgomery, Ken Hare with the “Montgomery Advertiser,” and Dave White of the “Birmingham News” discuss the major stories of the year in Alabama.
Original Air Date: 12/29/2005 Radio Talk Show Hosts On Alabama 2005
Radio talk show hosts Kevin Elkins of “First Call with Kevin Elkins” on WLWI-AM 1440 AM in Montgomery and Russ and Dee Fine hosts of “Russ and Dee in the Morning” on 101.1 FM in Birmingham discuss what their listeners have been talking about in 2005.
Original Air Date: 12/28/2005 Visiting Historic Holy Sites
Bruce Feiler has toured holy sites in the Middle East. Feiler has written half a dozen books including "Walking The Bible" and "Where God Was Born." Feiler talks about his journeys and what he tries to convey in his books.
Original Air Date: 12/27/2005 Paul Smyke On The World Economy
Paul Smyke is a Senior Advisor to the World Economic Forum a group dedicated to improving the business and financial operations around the globe. The group holds meetings bringing together diverse individuals and groups and offering ways to help improve conditions for people around the world. Smyke talks about impact globalization and trade is having and will have on Alabama. Smyke spoke to the Alabama World Affairs Council.
Original Air Date: 12/26/2005 Healing The Spirit
Dr. James Forbes is the senior minister of the Riverside Church in New York City. In October, he spoke at the Alabama Arise's "Open Hearts Open Minds" lecture series. Alabama Arise is a group focusing on ways to fight poverty. Forbes discusses his speech on "Healing the Spirit of Our Nation and Responsible Activism.”
Original Air Date: 12/23/2005 Dinosaur Hunting
Doctor Paul Sereno, a National Geographic Explorer in Residence, spoke at Huntingdon College in Montgomery on drifting continents and the impact on dinosaurs. Sereno and his team are credited with finding some of the most significant paleontological finds of the 1990s. Sereno talks about his work and the importance of making science available to children.
Original Air Date: 12/22/2005 Ireland and Alabama
When most people think about Irish and Alabama, epic football battles come to mind. But the ties run much deeper. UAB professor Kieran Quinlan says the connections between Ireland and the American South go beyond familial relations. His new book, “Strange Kin: Ireland and the American South,” explores the significant Irish presence in the South and Southern history.
Original Air Date: 12/21/2005 Steve Suitts on Hugo Black
The career of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black is reviewed. President Franklin Roosevelt appointed Black to the Supreme Court. His nomination almost derailed because he had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan, but Black would go on to make rulings the KKK and other white supremacists would hate. Author Steve Suitts talks about his book on Black.
Original Air Date: 12/20/2005 Greensboro Defines Southerners
Birmingham Southern Professor Dr. Guy Hubbs has spent years studying Greensboro in West Alabama. Hubbs believes examining the town’s Civil War era provides insight on southerners and their behavior. Hubbs talks about his book “Guarding Greensboro.”
Original Air Date: 12/19/2005 Harvey Jackson, III looks at Alabama History
History Professor Harvey Jackson, III discusses his new book “Inside Alabama: A Personal History of My State.” Jackson looks at the major events in the state’s history and discusses the impact of those events on Alabama today. Jackson is the Chair of History and Foreign Languages at Jacksonville State University.
Original Air Date: 12/16/2005 Week in Review
Three Alabama journalists will discuss the events of the past week.
Original Air Date: 12/15/2005 Child Labor
Wolfgang Trammell will explain Alabama’s Child Labor Laws. Trammell works for the Alabama Labor Department and will discuss the rules regarding how many hours teenagers may work and the types of jobs they can perform.
Original Air Date: 12/14/2005 Hank Williams Story
Paul Hemphill has written a book on country singer Hank Williams. In “Lovesick Blues: The Life of Hank Williams” Hemphill recounts Williams’ life from his youth until his death at age 29. Hemphill talks about his motivation for writing the book.
Original Air Date: 12/13/2005 Prescription Program Problems
Beginning in January, Medicare will offer prescription drug coverage for everyone with Medicare. The various programs being offered under the plan has those eligible questioning what plan is best for them. Medicaid Commissioner Carol Herrmann will outline how the program works and what information people need to know in order to make the right choice.
Original Air Date: 12/12/2005 AIDS Research
Dr. Paul Goepfert works on the development of an AIDS vaccine at the University of Alabama's Center for AIDS Research. According to Goepfert, a vaccine is critical to combating AIDS. Dr. Goepfert will discuss ongoing research and treatment. Viewers who would like to ask questions can call 1-866-552-0025.
Original Air Date: 12/9/2005 Week In Review
Bob Davis from the "Anniston Star" will be among the three journalists discussing the events of the past week.

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