Joe McCreary’s Giant Skillet & Egg

Sloss artist Joe McCreary cast a six foot iron skillet using nearly 600 pounds of iron and
8,000 pounds of sand for his mold.
Accessories include a giant propane burner and super large spatulas.

4 Responses to “Joe McCreary’s Giant Skillet & Egg”

  1. Elaine Dameron says:

    I was there for the whole production and was amazed that it actually worked. I do know that Joe McCreary is a talented artist so I shouldn’t have doubted him! My plate of eggs was delicious!!

    • Ray Bauer says:

      Joe and Bob,
      Great job with the giant skillet and eggs demonstration. I really enjoyed the video. My wife and I are now living in Dallas since I accepated a marketing position in our Commercial Metals Company corporate office. We miss visiting Sloss but still support your mission.
      Ray Bauer
      CMC Marketing

  2. Fantastic work Joe! What a great example of the teamwork that goes on at Sloss. Call me when you let Remy cook a giant Gumbo in the pan!!!

  3. Bill Springer says:

    you and the rest of the resident artists, along with the many students you work with year-round, show an awesome amount of interesting talent. My wife and I often wonder what goes through the minds of the railroad crews as they pass by Sloss daily. Some day, you need to hae an “Open House” just to introduce them to iron art. Keep up the fascinating production.
    Thanks for what you do.

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