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Sloss: Industry to Art – The Trailer

2 Responses to “Sloss: Industry to Art – The Trailer”

  1. Christof says:

    I was at Sloss in 2009 for the Conference of Cast Iron Art, When is the documentary available for purchase?

    • Chris Holmes says:

      Hi Christof-

      Apologies that your comment went unanswered for so long- apparently my email notification isn’t working…

      We’ll be posting to the site soon the announcement of the premiere date which will be July 23rd under cast shed #1 at Sloss.
      DVDs will be available some time after that, though as of now we don’t have a date. The good news is that we are planning a significant amount of “Bonus Material” for the DVDs, the bad news is that add that stuff will delay our DVD release. Info will be posted to the site as it becomes available- I anticipate establishing some means of being able to pre-order, but we’ll hold off on that until we can give people some idea of when they’ll be available. Thanks for your interest.

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