Born to Explore


Born to Explore

A modern day Indiana Jones, host Richard Wiese takes viewers around the world in search of adventure, wildlife, and cultures untouched by modern civilization in BORN TO EXPLORE. Throughout the 26-part series, the globe-trotting host travels across six continents and more than 10 countries with hopes of creating a positive understanding of the many beautiful cultures that inhabit our planet. Richard goes to Namibia, where he treks through the oldest desert in the world to track rare desert-adapted elephants. He also journeys to the Tiwi Islands off the northern coast of Australia, and goes 'outbush' with a group of Tiwi elders to learn how they live off the land through hunting. The globe-trotting adventurer then travels to Borneo, Indonesia, one of only two islands on the planet where orangutans live in the wild. Richard experiences life aboard a 'klotok' boat during his three-day journey deep into the rainforest in search of these magnificent great apes. He finds out why Borneo's rainforests are vanishing and meets the local communities who are banding together to save these orangutan habitats. In Cyprus, he joins world-famous archeologist Dr. Joan Connelly, who is digging for clues to confirm the existence of a sacred temple built by Cleopatra to honor her love child with Julius Caesar. Whether investigating the existence of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland or experiencing the tastes and aromas of Istanbul's fabled Spice Market at a shop where coffee has been roasted the same way for more than 500 years, Richard seeks the answers to questions that have been asked throughout history, and guides viewers on journeys across the globe uncovering unique stories, people and wildlife. BORN TO EXPLORE is celebrated among critics and has won two Daytime Emmy Awards, 24 Telly Awards, four Parents' Choice Awards, and a CINE Golden Eagle.

Upcoming Episodes

South Africa: Turtles and Tsongas

Thursday, Nov 23 at 4:00 am on Create

Australia: Secret Outback

Sunday, Nov 26 at 10:00 pm on Create

Turkey: Land of Legends

Wednesday, Nov 29 at 10:00 pm on Create

Tanzania: The Last Stone Age Tribe

Sunday, Dec 3 at 10:00 pm on Create

Chile: Kissed by the Sea

Wednesday, Dec 6 at 10:00 pm on Create

Iceland: Fire & Ice

Sunday, Dec 10 at 10:00 pm on Create

Africa: The Elephant Trunk Show

Wednesday, Dec 13 at 10:00 pm on Create

Tanzania: Remote Tribes

Monday, Dec 18 at 4:00 am on Create

Namibia: Wild Cheetah

Monday, Dec 25 at 4:00 am on Create

Scotland: Vikings, Puffins & Ponies

Monday, Jan 1 at 4:00 am on Create

Turkey: Journey to Love Valley

Saturday, Jan 6 at 12:30 am on Create

India: Good Karma

Saturday, Jan 13 at 12:30 am on Create

Indonesia: Orangutans-People of the Forest

Saturday, Jan 20 at 12:30 am on Create

Canada: The Mighty Polar Bear Migration

Tuesday, Jan 23 at 12:30 am on Create

Tanzania: Summit On Mt. Kilimanjaro

Saturday, Jan 27 at 12:30 am on Create

Morocco: The Last Nomads

Tuesday, Jan 30 at 12:30 am on Create

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