Alabama Public Television Young Heroes of 2008

John Roberson, II

Birmingham, Alabama
Oak Mountain High School

One Alabama student is honored each year with the Marissa Feigelson Community Service Award, named for one of the first Alabama Young Heroes who succumbed to leukemia in February of 2001. John is a senior at Oak Mountain High School in Birmingham. Filled with the spirit of the holiday, John has dedicated himself over the past two Christmas seasons to collecting and distributing gifts to more than 100 students. This collection has included 35 bicycles and more than $6,000 worth of toys, clothes and food. In the summer of 2007, Roberson traveled to Chalmette, La., to help in the rebuilding from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Utilizing his outstanding mathematical abilities, Roberson created the Web-based program “Everyone Can Pass” ( This site offers help to students in passing the Alabama High School Graduate Exam. He utilizes his talents to tutor classmates in the areas of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Even Roberson’s money-earning efforts are directed toward community service; He started a program in which he goes door-to-door picking up people’s recyclables for a modest fee.

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