Alabama Public Television Young Heroes of 2007

Kimberly Phares

Vestavia Hills, Alabama
Vestavia Hills High School

One Alabama student is honored each year with the Marissa Feigelson Community Service Award, named for one of the first Alabama Young Heroes who succumbed to leukemia in February of 2001. In the past, this award has been presented to one of the Young Heroes. This year, however, the judges felt that the award should go to one of the students recognized as “Honorable Mention.” The 2007 Marissa Feigelson Community Service Award was presented to Kimberly Phares, a senior at Vestavia Hills High School. In addition to maintaining a high GPA, Kimberly’s teachers wrote that she is a born analyst and problem-solver, as well as an excellent writer who has won awards for her short stories and poems. A creative artist, Kimberly also sculpts, sketches, sings, plays the piano and writes music. Kimberly’s extracurricular service to the community is amazing. Kimberly worked tirelessly during her sophomore year to organize a chapter of Habitat for Humanity at her school. She found a sponsor and made contact with the Habitat organization. The result was that Vestavia Hills High School became the first school in the nation to fund and build a Habitat home in its charter year. Under Kimberly’s leadership, more than $50,000 was raised to build the home.

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