Don't Muck It Up

MUCK MUCKS ABOUT Bob and the team are working at the Zoo replacing Bella the elephant's enclosure to remind her of the wild. Muck and Scoop begin to prank each other, and Muck decides to hide inside the elephant house so he can jump out and surprise Scoop when Scoop passes by. But instead, Muck surprises poor Bella. Using ingenuity and roleplaying skills, Muck acts like an elephant and manages to calm the alarmed Bella down. Learning Goals: --To explore animal characteristics and habitats. --To learn how to set objects equidistant and in a straight line. --To express concern and empathy for others. JUMPING MUCK Bob is building the jumps for Henry Corner's cross-country equestrian competition. Muck thinks the idea of jumping over things sounds like fun. Determined to find out, Muck sneaks away to build his own jump. But when he tests it out, he gets stuck. Lofty comes to the rescue, and Bob suggests using Muck's jump to finish the cross-country course. Learning Goals: --To recognize the importance of conserving the natural world. --To understand the need for safety precautions. --To learn how to transform mistakes into something beneficial. --To compare something high and low.

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