A MESSAGE FROM SPACE Bob is building a radio telescope for Mei at the Observatory. Mei wants to test it by contacting her twin sister Lin on an orbiting space station. Lofty wants to make sure nothing damages the telescope, but ends up breaking it himself! Lofty offers to use his crane arm to position the telescope's dish and they are able to contact Lin. LEARNING GOALS: --To explore creative problem solving. --To understand concepts and vocabulary related to space, including telescopes, astronauts, space stations, and satellite dishes. BOB'S BADGES When Bob rewards the machines with stars for good work, Muck has the fewest. His efforts to earn more put the new restaurant's waiting area in jeopardy. The team works together to finish the job and everyone earns more stars for doing what they do best. LEARNING GOALS: --To learn the value of doing one's best. --To appreciate teamwork. --To learn the importance of helping others.

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