Muck and the Elephant: Saffi has won a statue design competition and Bob and the team are turning her design into a water fountain for the shopping mall. Muck is chosen to deliver the statue and, in his excitement, accidently knocks the elephant statue into the wall and scrapes off its paint. In an effort to hide the statue, Muck damages it further and realizes that he must own up to his mistakes. Bob and the team work quickly to fix the statue and Muck returns to the site with a special find-Mr. Trunkers, Saffi's lost toy the statue is modelled after. Learning Goals: To show everyone can design. To show the benefit of taking responsibility for one's errors and actions as soon as they happen. The Spring City Clock :The Spring City Clock Competition has chosen its winner-the Spring City Rockets! Bob and the team are commissioned to build their design, but plans go awry when the construction date is on Recycling Day. In a rush, Leo gathers the wrong box to bring to the Recycling Center. When clock materials and Wendy's cell phone go missing, Leo and Wendy realize the mistake. Leo calls her phone and it rings from inside the Recycling Bay. They retrieve the box just in time to complete the clock. The clock's metal figures emerge to sound the bells and the Spring City Rockets are delighted--Wendy crafted the figures to resemble the four of them! Learning Goals: To demonstrate why paying attention, focusing, on the task is important. To use past experiences to problem solve.

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