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BOB'S BIG SURPRISE When a large box is delivered while Bob and the team are installing vertical steels to form the basement of Spring City's new skyscraper, Scoop promptly assumes it's the surprise present he knows Wendy plans to give Bob for his birthday. Scoop's efforts to hide the box from Bob soon cause the build to grind to halt. Scoop recognizes his mistake and returns the missing package. The team uses the missing drill that's inside to quickly finish the job. LEARNING GOALS: --To learn the value of honesty. --To understand the consequences of making presumptions. --To understand the importance of communicating clearly. A SAFE SPACE FOR DIZZY Bob and the team are constructing a bank safe in the basement of the partially built skyscraper. Dizzy gets locked inside the safe, but she's the only one who knows the door code! To get out, she relays the code to Bob by tapping the numbers out on the safe wall. LEARNING GOALS: --To recognize the value of being aware and conscious of one's actions. --To explore creative problem solving. --To learn about codes.

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