Adventures in the Valley

Mr. Bentley is organizing a special parade to announce Sunflower Valley's very first mayor! Bob and the machines are putting up lights and building a special podium for the big announcement. When sneaky Spud takes a look at the gold envelope containing the new mayor's name, Mr. Bentley wonders if it could be him. He becomes so obsessed with finding out the name of the new mayor that his preparations go seriously awry. Will the team be able to pull together to pull off the big event? Will Sunflower Valley appoint the best mayor for the job? The team is renovating an old barn into a weaving studio for Meg MacDonald. The wool will be provided by Giddy the Goat in the mountains and Scrambler is given the job of bringing Giddy down to the studio in time. When Scrambler charges off to find Giddy, he makes so much noise that he can't find the goat! With Giddy nowhere to be seen, Scrambler gives up - until, in the quiet, he hears Giddy's bell. By staying quiet, Scrambler finds that he can herd

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