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Bi-Vocational Pastors - To care for their families, and also lead their congregations, more and more ministers are working two jobs. Saul Gonzalez reports from Tennessee on pastors concerned that their secular jobs do not leave them time enough for full ministry to their congregations. Also, on the adjustment required of a wife when she learns that her husband, with a secular career, feels called to lead a church. Blind Boys of Alabama - For 70 years, the Blind Boys of Alabama have been singing gospel music to inspire their audiences both with their music and their faith. Over the decades, the Blind Boys, still with some original members, have won five Grammys and been specially welcomed by the disabled. One of the members, Ricky McKinnie, says, 'It's not about what you can't do. It's about what you do.' Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land - Every Good Friday, in every Catholic parish in the country, a special collection is taken up for the Franciscans of the Holy Land. Correspondent

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