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Fall Is in the Air

Autumn brings fresh cool air and fun surprises. Caillou and Rosie have a ball playing in the piles of fallen leaves in the backyard. Come October, Caillou and Dad make a jack-o-lantern, Grandma bakes her grandkids a pumpkin pie, and Caillou goes trick-or-treating as an astronaut. In November, Thanksgiving seems like a big hassle until Mom and Dad explain its significance, which gets Caillou into the spirit. Caillou canít wait until he is old enough to go to school. Since Sarah has no brother or sister, she invites Caillou to a little brother or sister day at school. The school is big and Caillou is a little afraid. But with Sarahís help Caillou has a lot of fun, he even draws on the blackboard. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Children will learn that they donít have to have too many regrets at the end of summer because fall is coming with many special activities in store; the fun of raking fallen leaves and jumping in the piles; the chance to pick a pumpkin and make a jack oí lantern; tricking

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