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Someone to Look Up to

Kevin's Cranky Friend Cranky the crane is very busy down at Brendam Docks. He struggles to keep on schedule, so Sir Topham Hatt decides to send Kevin from the Steamworks to help him. The only problem is that Cranky doesn't want any help. Kevin is very disappointed and he tries to please Cranky by working hard and picking up things Cranky has dropped. Soon there is trouble when Kevin falls off the docks into the water. But it's Cranky who rescues him and Kevin eventually realizes that Cranky does like him after all and appreciates his help. Educational Objectives: Helping others and accepting help; being a good friend Henry's Hero Henry and Hiro are both very strong engines, but one day as they are working together, they both start to billow dark smoke from their funnels. Duck tells them they have taken on some of the bad coal that was delivered early that morning. Henry is worried that the bad coal will damage his firebox if he continues working, so he decides to head back to his shed.

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