Slovenia: When priests gamble - Since the fall of Communism, Slovenia's Catholic Church had built up a business empire. But it collapsed like a house of cards when the financial crisis struck. Sweden: A register for Roma - The Swedish police drew up illegal lists of Roma. The lists' purely ethnic criteria suggest racist motives. The police in the southern Swedish province of Schonen titled the controversial register 'Travelers'. With more than 4,000 names, it details the exact genealogy of many Roma families in Sweden. Individuals were put on the register without even being under suspicion of breaking the law. After a Swedish newspaper publicized the list's existence, the police force has filed charges against its own members. Switzerland: An alpine lodge warden's glacier project - An unusual contribution to climate protection... The manager of a Swiss mountain lodge takes nature as her theme in a piece of 'land art'. The people who operate Switzerland's alpine lodges are increasingly

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