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Solitary Confinement - The debate over locking up some prisoners by themselves. In the United States there are an estimated 80 thousand prisoners now locked up in small cells, 23 hours a day, sometimes for more than 40 years. Lucky Severson reports on those who say solitary is unChristian and does more harm than good. Against them are corrections officers and others who insist solitary is necessary to protect guards and other prisoners from the most violent. Severson also interviews Bobby Dellelo who spent five years in solitary and talks about the anger and rage it provoked and Mississippi's Corrections Director Christopher Epps who removed two-thirds of Mississippi's prisoners in solitary and saw violence go down 40%. James Lee Burke - Bob Faw profiles the best-selling crime novelist whose work combines the worst of life with classic themes - the search for salvation, the mystery of evil. Burke tells Faw, 'Every artist has this notion that he sees the truth about the world in an exqu

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