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Methodist Gay Marriage Controversy - As gay marriage ceremonies remain forbidden in the United Methodist Church, Betty Rollin speaks with Rev. Tom Ogletree, a United Methodist scholar and former Dean of the Yale Divinity School and the Drew Divinity School, in New Jersey. He faces a possible church trial for officiating at the marriage of his gay son. Rev. Ogletree says there is 'no concept of homosexuality or sexual orientation at all' in scripture. But Rev. Rob Renfroe of the Woodland United Methodist Church, near Houston, insists 'there is not any passage in scripture that is condoning or accepting of that practice.' The Lindisfarne Gospels - Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Durham in Northeast England on the Lindisfarne Gospels, the first surviving translations of the four Christian gospels from Latin into old English, 1300 years ago - a landmark in Christianity's migration to the British Isles. Chagall's Jewish Jesus - Marc Chagall is well known for his whimsical paintings portrayi

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