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Wildlife Rescuers

Animals in the wild fulfill their roles as predator and prey according to the stern realities of nature, which can also trouble their lives with harsh weather, disease, and bodily injury. Humankind, on the other hand, strives to avoid the threatening realities of nature through the advances of civilization. Unfortunately, today this poses an added dimension of trouble for animals, in the form of run-ins with automobiles, power lines, pollution and other incidental consequences of a growing society, including the increased disruption of natural habitats. From one perspective, such problems are viewed as tolerable by-products of a world in which humans are ordained superior. From another perspective, human compassion demands responsible actions to care for animals and to intervene in the plight of those harmed or injured. This program highlights several efforts to help animals by Alabamians who share the latter perspective. Included are visits to the wildlife Center at Oak Mountain State

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