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Sister Joan Chittister - Sister Joan Chittister, author of more than 40 books on the spiritual life that have sold more than a million copies has been a member of Mount St. Benedict Monastery in Erie, Pa., for the past 61 years. Judy Valente profiles and interviews the controversial nun who has long advocated and worked for a wide variety of social causes many of which have rankled the Catholic church hierarchy. Jains - Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Delhi, India on Jainism, a belief system sometimes confused with Hinduism, that dates back to at least the sixth century BC. Though there are now only about five million Jains among India's population of 1.2 billion, Jainism's imprint on India's history, including its independence movement, is large. The most devout Jains revere all forms of life, advocate celibacy and renounce all material possessions, including clothing.

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