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Bride Trafficking - In India one of the consequences of the widespread introduction of sonograms and the age-old preference for male children has been the frequent aborting of female fetuses. In some regions there are as few as 650 female births for every 1000 males. As Fred de Sam Lazaro reports this has resulted in a growing shortage of women and the trafficking of women to fill the need for Indian brides. Build-On Movement - Bob Faw reports on Build-On, founded by Jim Ziolkowski, a devout Catholic who left a career in corporate finance in 1993 to live what he says is the social justice aspect of his Catholic tradition. Build-On, he claims, breaks the inner-city cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education and is now in 72 public schools nationwide, enrolling 4000 students and building schools in six countries.

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