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America's Resilient Sikhs - One year after the mass shooting of Sikh worshippers in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Sikh leaders tell Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly's Managing Editor Kim Lawton that their community has become stronger since the attack, with more optimism and hope. Sikh leaders are campaigning nationally to get more protection from hate crimes and racial profiling. They are also lobbying for Pentagon permission for Sikhs in the military to wear their traditional turbans and unshorn hair. The Contemporary Art of Tobi Kahn - At his studio in Long Island City, Kahn creates a vast variety of modern artwork - glazed wooden boxes, synagogue murals, small flowers and huge installations - all with an awareness of the spiritual dimension of his work. And, as Kahn told correspondent Bob Faw, he has found that his work can bring peace to those at the end of their lives. Pope Francis's Trip to Brazil - Pope Francis traveled to Brazil for World Youth Day this week, his first international trip

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