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The Boy Scouts of America - The national council of the Boy Scouts of America will vote next week on a proposal to lift the long-standing ban on gay scouts, although allowing gay adult leaders is not under consideration. As Deborah Potter reports, most scout troops are sponsored by faith-based groups, some of whom say that lifting the ban is incompatible with scout values, and could lead them to withdraw their sponsorship. Sequestration and the Poor -The 85-billion-dollar federal spending cuts imposed by sequestration will severely impact city governments and their programs for the poor-programs like Head Start, supplemental nutrition and public housing . The head of Catholic Charities in Maryland tells Lucky Severson that his budget is a "moral document" and that failure to ease the cuts on programs for the poor is "frankly immoral." Reforming Washington - Host Bob Abernethy profiles former White House press secretary Mike McCurry. McCurry has a new graduate degree from Wesley Seminar

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