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I Can Do It!

Caillou's learning to do new things, and discovering it's okay to have help while he learns. To prove he's ready to help Dad paint the porch, Caillou paints Rosie's dollhouse first - and Gilbert, with paint-dipped paws, does some painting too! Caillou moves from renovation to recreation when Dad and Sarah teach him to play baseball; Dad teaches him to swim; and Clementine goads him into going down the big kids' slide. Mom shows Caillou how to tie his shoes but he get frustrated and stops trying. With courage and practice, he's soon able to do these things on his own. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Children will learn that it takes practice, patience effort and time to acquire new skills. It may be hard or frustrating or scary at first, but, if they try, they can learn so many things: catching and throwing a ball, swimming, shoe lace tying, using a paint brush, and how to go down the biggest slide in the playground.

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