Statistics and Probability

This episode of GED Connection is called Statistics and Probability." In it, the host and guests talk about where statistics come from and how to calculate the likelihood of something happening. Examples are g iven about how and where statistics ome into play in our daily lives. Government officials use the national census to figure out how much mo ney to spend and where to spend it. When certain people in the census are unaccounted for, a statistical equation is used. Marketers and pol lsters pick a sample of the population to do their research, and the a ccuaracy of that data depends on how well the sample is chosen. The di fferent types of samples that are covered are: random, systematic, and self-selected. This program also covers polls and surverys and explai ns margin of error. Probability (also called odds) is discussed using coins and playing cards as examples. Figuring out the odds in a situat ion is also used in daily life as well, like weighing the risk of a se rious medical

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