This program on fractions is the fifth of 13 programs within the mathe matics section of the series GED Connection. This episode explains the concept and many applications of fractions to make them more understa ndable and useful to adult learners who may have been previously intim idated by them. It explains a fraction as both a part-to-whole relatio nship as well as another way to write a division problem, using numera tor and denominator. The program shows real-life uses of fractions in accurately measuring something, keeping time to musical beats, and in a horse trainer's calculations of required dosage and supply of medici ne needed. The program explains how to find common denominators for ad ding and subtracting fractions, as well as how to subtract by borrowin g from the whole number. Cross canceling or factoring is shown to be a n easy way of simplifying a problem. Composites, numbers with many fac tors, and prime numbers, those whose only factors are one and themselv es, are a

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