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This program on problem solving is the 3rd of 13 episodes designed to help students prepare for the mathematics section of the GED exam. Pro blem solving is an acquired skill that can be improved through practic e. People need to know how to get the answer more than having the answ er itself. A host and several guests present 5 principles for math pro blem solving in the context of a person wanting to buy a car. The firs t step is to identify and understand the problem. One should focus on the problem to ensure one knows how to proceed. Second, one should loc ate all needed information. This includes doing any homework beforehan d and reading the fine print. The easiest decision isn't necessarily t he smartest one. Third, one sets up the problem, looking for similarit ies to a previous problem that could guide one's approach, as well as cues that reveal the functions to be performed. Fourth, one works the calculations, seeking a ballpark estimate before reaching the final an swer. When

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