This program on physics is the last of five programs in the science se ction of the GED Connection series, which helps prepare students for t he GED exam. Physics is the study of forces that move things. Matter i s anything that takes up space or has a mass. The program features gue sts of various disciplines who explain specific applications of physic s concepts. The first segment uses the physics of roller coasters to e xplain the three laws of motion. Energy is defined as the ability to d o work; work involves moving something by using a force at a distance. Potential and kinetic energy are discussed. There are three Test Con nection" segments where the host underscores previous lessons dealing with the three laws of motion, the relationship between space flight a nd the laws of thermodynamics involving heat; and how to apply informa tion about sound waves in helping students to read charts on the GED e xam and beyond. A segment called "The Science of Sound" presents a phy sics teac

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