Passing the GED Science Test

This, the first of five science programs lays the foundation for the s cience track. It explains the four main areas of science that will be covered on the GED test and in the next four episodes (life science, e arth and space science, chemistry and physics). The host explains the basic format of the test - the fact that there are 50 multiple choices questions based on passages that test takers read. Throughout the pro gram sample questions are reviewed, the correct answers are provided a nd an explanation is given for why the other answers are incorrect. Th e program includes commentary from the Executive Director of the GED T esting Service who provides insight into how the new test differs from the previous version and offers suggestions for taking the test (such as reading carefully and learning to recognize what is being asked). The program also features commentary from researchers, teachers and ot hers in biology, chemistry, and other fields who describe how they use science and

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