Oku-Echizen: Abundance and Tranquility

The Oku-Echizen district lies deep in the mountains of Fukui Prefecture, inland from the Sea of Japan coast. The central city of this region is Ono, which first developed as a castle town from the second half of the 16th century. The streets around the castle were laid out in the form of a grid, and today the town retains the same street plan and many of its traditional buildings. Ono is also blessed with abundant underground water from the nearby Hakusan mountain range. Neighboring Katsuyama City is the site of a former religious complex that used to be one of the largest in Japan. Excavations are still continuing there to reveal its history. Mai Rapsch from Germany meets the people of Oku-Echizen and discovers the way they live, co-existing with the world of nature and deeply immersed in their religious faith.

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