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The 50-Mile Bouquet: Why Local Matters with Flowers, Too (Skagit Valley, WA)

We've all heard the term 'sustainably grown.' But have you ever stopped to consider that it can apply to more than food? In fact, the flowers you put on your dinner table (unless you grew them yourself) are likely loaded with pesticides that were applied when they were growing in foreign countries thousands of miles away. While the multi-billion-dollar floral industry creates a beautiful product, the growing practices to bring it to market are anything but. Fortunately, a new and local industry for organic and sustainably grown cut flowers is springing up and gaining momentum all across America. These farmers care deeply about not only their product but also the methods used to grow them. In this episode, Joe visits Jello Mold Farm in the beautiful Skagit Valley, WA to see how this small farm operation has created a successful business while caring for the environment.

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