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The Giving Garden: Ample Harvest Helps Share the Bounty (Milford, NJ)

If you've ever grown a vegetable garden, you've probably had more of something than you could use at the end of the season. That was the basis for how was formed. Gary Oppenheimer saw that his community garden was producing far more than the gardeners could consume, or even give away to family and friends. So he decided to find a way to get that fresh produce in the hands of neighbors in need, and that simple idea grew into a national non-profit network. The premise was to make it possible for anyone to have access to- or donate- fresh produce, wherever they lived-all from garden surplus. Today, has been recognized by the White House as well as major companies and organizations for their important work. In this episode, founder Gary Oppenheimer will be introduced and learn how we can all share some of our 'ample harvest' with our own neighbors in need.

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