Alabama Public Television Video: Spotlight On Education Video episodes of Spotlight On Education from Alabama Public Television. October 2011 On this edition of SPOTLIGHT ON EDUCATION, Dr. Tommy Bice, Deputy State Superintendent of Education, Instructional Services, discusses the states efforts to reduce the number of students in Alabama dropping out of high school. Dr. Craig Pouncey: Deputy State Superintendent of Education, Administrative and Financial Services, talks about the importance of offering our children healthy food choices in our schools and the states 2012 education budget. Dr. J-M Wersinger, a physics professor at Auburn, introduces viewers to an exciting program at Auburn University. October 2011 nonadult Alabama Public Television Women Minorities and STEM Women are slightly more than half of U.S. residents, and by 2050, projections show minorities will become half of the U.S. population. So why are women and minorities still underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers? We’ll take a look at programs in the state focused on changing the statistics by sparking interest in STEM early.

Producer/Host Rhonda Colvin with guests Brenda Terry, executive director of Alabama Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Coalition; Marilyn Lewis, education specialist with Will Technology; and Shannon Parks, education administrator at the Alabama Dept. of Education take a look at programs in the state focused on changing the statistics by sparking student interest in these fields early.

Viewers are invited to join the conversation by calling the one-hour program 1-866-552-0025 toll free or e-mail questions prior to the program at
Women Minorities and STEM nonadult Alabama Public Television
Can Alabama Compete Globally? With recent education reports showing American students are falling behind some of their international peers in fields like Math, Science and Technology, we will explore ways Alabama is preparing its students to compete globally. We invite you to call in with your questions live during the show. Guests include Linda Lucas, dean of the UAB Engineering Department; Caroline Novak, president of A Plus Alabama; and Tammy Dunn of A Plus College Ready. The guests will answer questions from viewers during the live broadcast. Call 1-866-552-0025. Can Alabama Compete Globally? nonadult Alabama Public Television State Of Our Schools 2010 Rhonda Colvin hosts Alabama Public Televisions annual "State of Our Schools" special with guest Dr. Joe Morton, State Superintendent of Education. Morton will discuss Alabamas K-12 education system and answer viewer calls and emails during the live, one-hour broadcast. State Of Our Schools 2010 nonadult Alabama Public Television Some students may get a head start in employment opportunities as businesses across the state partner with the K-12 and Postsecondary systems. Postsecondary Chancellor, Dr. Frieda Hill, and Director of Governor's Office of Workforce Development ,Dr. Matthew Hughes, join us to discuss what happens when the business and education worlds meet. nonadult Alabama Public Television Literacy Literacy nonadult Alabama Public Television When should a child start school? Pre-K education. When should a child start school? nonadult Alabama Public Television