Alabama Public Television Video: Profiles With Wendy Garner Video episodes of Profiles With Wendy Garner from Alabama Public Television. Wendy Garner talks with Betty Bell of the Bell Center for Early Intervention. Bell is a pioneer in the field of working with children with special needs or at risk of developmental delay. She was recently awarded an Alabama Health Care Hall of Fame Award. nonadult Alabama Public Television Taylor Hicks Wendy Garner talks with American Idol winner and Birmingham Native Taylor Hicks. Taylor Hicks nonadult Alabama Public Television Lucy Buffett This month Wendy takes viewers to Gulf Shores to chat with Lucy Buffett, sister of the famous "son of a son of a sailor," Jimmy Buffett. Lucys restaurant, Lulus at Homeport Marina, is one of the hottest destinations on Alabama gulf coast. Lucy Buffett nonadult Alabama Public Television Chef Frank Stitt Chef Frank Stitt has captured the interest of culinary greats around the world. Wendy visits the chef in the kitchen of one of his Birmingham restaurants. Chef Frank Stitt nonadult Alabama Public Television Winston Groom Profiles with Wendy Garner” features an interview with Alabamian Winston Groom, author of “Forrest Gump,” “Shrouds of Glory” and many other novels. Winston Groom nonadult Alabama Public Television Andy Andrews Wendy is interviewing New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker Andy Andrews of Orange Beach, Alabama. Andrews, who grew up in Birmingham, turned adversity in his own life into tremendous success and has inspired millions of Americans through his books, public and private lectures, and a PBS television special. Andy Andrews nonadult Alabama Public Television Birmingham journalist Wendy Garner joins Alabama Public Television as host of a new interview series airing the first Friday of each month. For the premiere episode, Wendy talks with renowned fillmaker Ken Burns during a visit to Birmingham's Southern Museum of Flight. nonadult Alabama Public Television