Alabama Public Television Video: Discovering Alabama Video episodes of Discovering Alabama from Alabama Public Television. Alabama Model School Take a slice of the great Alabama outdoors, add a group of Alabama students, combine with a dedicated Alabama teacher and, voila, you have the recipe for exceptionally meaningful learning. This recipe has been a major emphasis of Discovering Alabama throughout its 25 year tenure. And today, teachers at Woodland Forrest Elementary School have embraced the theme “Discovering Alabama” in adapting such an approach school-wide for the entire school year. Their innovative program engages students in the active discovery of Alabama’s natural diversity to integrate and augment the study of science, history, math, reading, the arts, and more. The fact that students also gain environmental understanding, acquire critical thinking skills, and develop civic responsibility is simply the icing on the curriculum. Alabama Model School nonadult Alabama Public Television Trails Doug Phillips explores Alabama trails from prehistoric times to the present, hiking down traditional trails along rivers and through mountains, and introducing viewers to less traditional trails as well – for birding, canoeing, fishing, golfing and more. Discover the many paths to enjoyment in Alabama’s wild places. Trails nonadult Alabama Public Television Black Warrior River The river's name was taken from the Native American Chief Taskalusa (meaning black warrior) who encountered the De Soto expedition in 1540. This video recalls the history of the Black Warrior River from the time of early human settlement to the present. Special focus is given to the river's changing status since the construction of a series of dams and locks completed earlier this century. Black Warrior River nonadult Alabama Public Television Project Community This program features Alabama’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Dr. Phillips visits with teachers and students involved in after-school natural science education activities for a first-hand look at Alabama’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers and a project being implemented by Discovering Alabama called Project Community. Included is guest commentary by officials from the Alabama State Department of Education highlighting the importance of science education and the many values of extended-day and extended-year school programs. Also featured are recent technological innovations linking hands-on nature study to computer-based science resources, together with a look at many of the changing realities of public schooling in Alabama today. Project Community nonadult Alabama Public Television Cahaba River Watershed This video is the second of the Discovering Alabama series featuring the Cahaba River. In it, Dr. Phillips explores the full length of the Cahaba and examines the relationship between river conditions and changes in the watershed. The program gives special attention to rain-dispersed, or non-point, sources of pollution. Cahaba River Watershed nonadult Alabama Public Television Forever Wild Alabama's "Forever Wild" land conservation program is recognized nationally for its effectiveness in protecting significant wildlands. This video reflects on the history of how the "Forever Wild" program was established and tells how Alabamians can participate in promoting such land conservation. Forever Wild nonadult Alabama Public Television Mobile River Basin Few places boast such an abundance of freshwater as our state of Alabama. Join host Dr. Phillips for a journey across 44,000 square miles of the Mobile River Basin, a freshwater drainage encompassing most of Alabama Mobile River Basin nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabama Wetlands The term "wetlands" is relatively new. For much of the nation's history wetlands were considered wastelands, and thus frequently drained, polluted, or otherwise altered and ruined. Today, there is new recognition of the many important ecological and economic benefits of wetlands. This video overviews the diversity of wetland resources in Alabama, describes the many values they contribute, and highlights the dilemma of inadequate wetlands protection in the state. Guest experts provide scientific and policy explanations to further clarify wetlands issues. Alabama Wetlands nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabama Black Belt Part 2 Many issues confront the residents of Alabama’s Black Belt region, among the more economically depressed areas of the state. Today a host of efforts are being made to examine the region’s problems and consider possible solutions to a variety of needs—economic, educational, and social. In this program, viewers visit a sampling of the projects and initiatives under-way to assist the Black Belt. Project representatives, including government officials, university leaders, and local participants, discuss their hopes for the region. Alabama Black Belt Part 2 nonadult Alabama Public Television Little River Canyon National Preserve For millions of years the waters of Little River have gathered from upper Dekalb and Cherokee counties, flowing southward and carrying a path deep into the sandstone, limestone, and shale that underly this plateau region. The result, Little River Canyon, a great gorge so impressive in dimensions that it is often called the Grand Canyon of the East. In 1985, Little River Canyon was featured among the first programs of the Discovering Alabama series. This year, marking Discovering Alabama’s 20th Anniversary, host Doug Phillips takes viewers on a dramatic natural treasure to explore the effects of time and change, and to consider the increasing dilemma of human population pressures versus the need for natural area preservation. Little River Canyon National Preserve nonadult Alabama Public Television National Forests in Alabama Dazzling hi-definition footage enriches this program recognizing Discovering Alabama’s 20th Anniversary and honoring the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Forest Service. Alabama’s six divisions of National Forests represent the great physiographic variety of Alabama. Their total of more than 660,000 acres contains some the nations most diverse and productive forestlands. This program takes viewers on a grand aerial tour of the entire system of National Forests in Alabama. Along the way, visits with naturalists, historians, and others highlight the historical role of the U.S. Forest Service and examine the many ways National Forest lands add to the quality of life in Alabama. National Forests in Alabama nonadult Alabama Public Television Bear Creek Watershed Far up in northwest Alabama is Bear Creek, a stream of impressive wildness surrounded by farms and forests. Although remote, this part of Alabama today enjoys distinguished recognition for the successful cooperation of local organizations and landowners in correcting the serious "non-point source" pollution problems that for years caused Bear Creek to be officially closed to human use. Bear Creek Watershed nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabamas Black Belt Part 1 As the modern world becomes increasingly urbanized, there are places that remain largely the way nature crafted. One such place is Alabama’s Covington County, still with enchanting forests, crystal-clear rivers, and beautiful countryside. This program overviews Covington County’s history and natural appeal as host Dr. Phillips hikes through the county along a portion of the Conecuh Trail. Along the way, viewers hear from local-area biologists, educators, and others who enjoy living in Covington County and are concerned about sustaining a quality future for the county. Alabamas Black Belt Part 1 nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabama Rivers Dr. Doug Phillips takes viewers on a riverboat trip to examinethe diversity of streams and rivers that set Alabama apart as a unique realm of freshwater resources. Guest commentary by Dr. E.O. Wilson and other experts provide insights into boththe qualities of Alabama's freshwaters and their environmental threats. Alabama Rivers nonadult Alabama Public Television An Alabama Night Hike Follow host Dr. Doug Phillips as he takes a nighttime stroll through the Alabama woodlands by the light of the stars. He explains how to enjoy such a night hike without the aid of a flashlight, lantern, etc. Along the way, viewers are given a lesson in studying the night sky as Dr. Doug is joined by a group of teachers interested in astronomy. An Alabama Night Hike nonadult Alabama Public Television Forrest Issues This program focuses primarily on key issues of forest controversy, including such hot-button issues as the practice of clear-cutting and the conversion of natural forestlands into pine tree plantations. Forrest Issues nonadult Alabama Public Television Sipsey River Swamp Discover the wild allure of the Sipsey River Swamp along the 100-mile Sipsey River, one of Alabama's few remaining unimpounded rivers. Learn about the 20th century impact to natural resources and new perspectives on natural resource protection. Sipsey River Swamp nonadult Alabama Public Television