Alabama Public Television Video: Alabama Stories Video episodes of Alabama Stories from Alabama Public Television. Something Wicked in Russell County In the 1940s, Phenix City, Alabama was controlled by out of town mobsters. Gambling, prostitution, alcohol and drugs were a central part of the night life in the Russell County community. Attorney and resident Albert Patterson wanted to clean up the town and ran for Attorney General. Patterson was gunned down, murdered for his ambitions. Martial Law was declared and the clean up began. ALABAMA STORIES explores how the city overcame all obstacles and rose from the ashes. In 1955 Phenix City was awarded the title "All American City." Something Wicked in Russell County nonadult Alabama Public Television Montgomery Ballet Across the country, ballet companies large and small have been forced to close due to a tough economic climate for the arts. However, instead of having to close the curtain, the Montgomery Ballet seems to be thriving, receiving statewide and international attention in the last few years. How does a ballet company in the heart of the Deep South continue to maintain itself and flourish? Producer Rhonda Colvin examines the ballet company some call one of Alabama's best kept secrets. Montgomery Ballet nonadult Alabama Public Television Life After Death Alabama Stories: Life After Death, produced by APT’s Lori Cummings, features the accounts of individuals who claim to have experienced life after death and includes interviews with Birmingham’s Dr. T. Lee Baumann, a noted author and a researcher who claims there is scientific research to support the validity of the experience; thanaologist (thanatology is the study of death and dying) and author Barbara Harris Whitfield, who claims to have had a near-death experience; and Alice Vaughn, a medical social worker with Hospice of Montgomery, who talks about her experiences regarding patients’ behavior at death. The program also features an interview with a resident of Millport, Ala., who talks about her near-death experience.

Dr. T. Lee Baumann has a new book that’s just been published titled “Matter to Mind to Consciousness: Anatomy of the E.L.F.,” which explores and explains the possible links between human consciousness, the paranormal and science ( Baumann also wrote “God at the Speed of Light: The Melding of Science and Spirituality,” which inspired the TV series “Joan of Arcadia.”

Barbara Whitfield Harris is the author of five books, including “Full Circle: The Near-Death Experience and Beyond,” “Spiritual Awakenings: Insights of the Near Death Experience and Other Doorways to Our Soul” and “Final Passage: Sharing the Journey As This Life Ends.”
Life After Death nonadult Alabama Public Television Gwirtzman is virtuoso of more than 20 instruments, including obscure and antique Middle Eastern horns whose shapes would have given Dr. Seuss a challenge. Out of those disparate shapes and from the music of incomprehensible languages, Gwirtzman breathes the universally understood melody of humanity. nonadult Alabama Public Television Lister Hill J. Lister Hill of Montgomery, Ala. changed state and national healthcare with more than sixty pieces of leglislation and numerous other bills during his 45 years in the U.S. Congress. He was a progressive Democrat and an advocate of the New Deal programs. The impact of his legislative programs still affects Alabama today. Lister Hill nonadult Alabama Public Television One of Alabama's most famous residents recently added another chapter to her life of amazing accomplishments. Helen Keller, a woman who championed for the disabled, was chosen for a special honor that only a select few have been privileged with. Alabama Public Television was there when Helen Keller's life story once again took center stage for a national audience in Washington DC. nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabama Stories: Freedom Riders In the not so distant past, blacks traveling in to the South had to endure local segregation laws in bus and train stations. When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled segregation in interstate travel unconstitutional, black and white students came together to test that ruling in a movement known as the Freedom Rides. Rhonda Colvin examines the days the movement came to Alabama and interviews witnesses and some of the riders themselves who quickly learned when change is sought, it is not always welcomed. Alabama Stories: Freedom Riders nonadult Alabama Public Television Nall Fred Nall Hollis, known internationally simply as Nall, grew up in Troy, Alabama. He is celebrated for his unique visual art. Nall credits life in Southern surroundings for his distinctive technique. In January’s Alabama Story, Nall shares his captivating life story with a tender voice and bold accounts. It is as colorful and creative as his art—a tale of art imitating life and life imitating art. Nall nonadult Alabama Public Television Honor Flight The National World War II Memorial in Washington DC, has been visited by thousands since it opened just five years ago. However since it’s construction occurred almost 60 years after the end of the war, those whom the memorial honors never had a chance to see it. Through the program “Honor Flight-Birmingham”, Alabama WWII veterans are now given the opportunity to see the World War II Memorial. Watch as we follow this group on a day they most likely will never forget Honor Flight nonadult Alabama Public Television Using Garbage to Build a Home Your garbage may wind up helping build a new home. Jenkins Brick, a more than century-old business, uses gas produced from landfill waste to make bricks. Landfill gas contains methane, a flammable gas, used in the kilns where bricks are hardened. ALABAMA STORIES looks at what the process could mean for the environment, energy independence, and revenue for local governments. Using Garbage to Build a Home nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabama Young Writers It is time again for Alabamas young writers and illustrators to dust off their pens, crayons, markers, and paints. The time is upon us for the Annual Young Writers and Illustrators Contest hostedby Alabama Public Television. To get potential contestants ready Alabama Stories features the winners from the 2008 contest. The winners were announced at the Alabama Book Festival. The program gives you a look at the stories taking top honors. Alabama Young Writers nonadult Alabama Public Television Hurricanes Alabama Stories examines the impact of the huge storms that wreak havoc in the Caribbean and on U.S. shores each year. Hurricanes nonadult Alabama Public Television Hurricanes Alabama Stories examines the impact of the huge storms that wreak havoc in the Caribbean and on U.S. shores each year. Hurricanes nonadult Alabama Public Television Destination: Alabama with Lakia Richardson Alabama is attracting nationwide attention from tourists! Attractions such as the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and Alabama Adventure amusement park have visitors crossing the state border. Lakia Richardson takes us on a tour of some of Alabama’s top vacation destinations. Destination: Alabama with Lakia Richardson nonadult Alabama Public Television Jett Williams "I had four families before I was four, was orphaned three times, and had six name changes," she says. Twice disinherited, country music artist Jett Williams’ early life was anything but normal. On Tuesday, June 21 at 7 p.m., she discusses with APT’s Lori Cummings the battle she fought to prove her paternity and to become a legal heir of her biological father’s estate on “Alabama Stories.” You won't want to miss this gripping story. Jett Williams nonadult Alabama Public Television Aliens Among Us "Aliens Among Us". Sounds like a B Sci-Fi movie, or a special on the immigration issue, but in this week's Alabama Stories, Tim Lennox explores the invasion of alien plants and animals in Alabama. One of them is described as such a big threat to Alabama's environment that a war council was convened in May to form a battle plan. Another is the plant we love to hate...Kudzu. And we'll tell you something about that creepin' vine you've probably never heard before. And we'll show you a 200 acre section of the state where almost of the invasives have been cleared out. Aliens Among Us nonadult Alabama Public Television Taking Off with Chris Newbold Investment, jobs and money—Mobile and surrounding communities are on the verge of becoming the next “boomtown” in the Gulf South region. A massive steel mill, one of the largest current investments in the county, is currently under construction near southern Alabama’s largest city. Mobile has also landed a key aircraft assembly plant. Chris Newbold examines the effects on the region from this influx of high-paying jobs and the “spin-off” factor. Taking Off with Chris Newbold nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabamas Young Writers and Illustrators Once again, the Alabama Stories team joins together to honor the 2008 Young Writers & Illustrators of Alabama. The popular PBS KIDS series Reading Rainbow sponsored its 14th Annual Young Writers & Illustrators contest. The competition is open to children in grades K-3. State winners were selected in each of the grade levels, and the first-place winners will go on to compete on the national level. Alabama Stories was there to capture the excitement, from the gathering of the judging committee (which included author and poet Charles “Father Goose” Ghigna) to the final awards ceremony at the Alabama Book Festival in Montgomery’s Old Alabama Town. Meet the generation who will write tomorrow’s Alabama stories. Alabamas Young Writers and Illustrators nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabamas Olympic Connection with Rhonda Colvin Alabama and the international Olympics are as interlinked as the rings on the Olympic flag. Alabama is home to a multitude of Olympic medalists, and some of the greatest Olympic heroes our country has ever seen. In 1996, Alabama was honored to host some of the summer Olympic games. Legendary Legion Field, often called the “Football Capitol of the South” gave way to the European version of football—soccer. Rhonda Colvin explores ties to the Olympics—past, present and future. Alabamas Olympic Connection with Rhonda Colvin nonadult Alabama Public Television Alabama Goes Green with Lakia Richardson In 2008, Forbes magazine named Alabama one of the worst “green states” in the country. Alabama leaders, businessmen and homeowners are working to shake this stigma. Find out which businesses and communities in the state have set a goal of “going green,” and the efforts they are making to do so. From fraternities to families, Alabama citizens are taking stock of their duty to preserve our resources. Lakia Richardson explains the origins of the green trend, as well as the controversies that surround the initiative.

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Alabama Goes Green with Lakia Richardson nonadult Alabama Public Television