Pledge Programs for Sat November 25, 2017

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12:00 amTavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley is a hybrid of news, issues and entertainment, featuring interviews with politicians, celebrities and real people.

12:30 amTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe

This weekly news analysis program is the only woman-centered national news/talk show on television. Dedicated to the premise that women of all ethnic backgrounds and political persuasions are an important part of the national dialogues, the series provides a platform for the multifaceted views of involved, informed women jo...

1:00 amGreat Performances Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn - The Broadway Musical

Enjoy the hit Broadway adaptation of the classic 1942 movie musical, showcasing an Irving Berlin score including the Oscar-winning 'White Christmas' with big dance numbers, comedy and a hit parade of the great songwriter's famous tunes.

3:30 amRibbon of Sand

View the wild beaches of North Carolina's Cape Lookout one of the few remaining natural barrier islands in the world, a bar of sand 60 miles in extent with no roads, no bridges and no hotels. Meryl Streep reads excerpts from Rachel Carson's writings.

4:00 amThis Old House Hour

Tom's crew installs a beam to support a new opening to the kitchen. Three apprentices arrive and tackle the front porch. On ASK THIS OLD HOUSE, Tom installs a backsplash and Jenn installs a rainwater feature.

5:00 amWorkplace Essential Skills

Workplace Essential Skills teaches skills and attitudes necessary to succeed at work. Learners see how to prepare resumes and applications and how to prepare themselves for interviews and work. In-depth documentary and scripted footage shows learners what employers are looking for and how to thrive in a new job.

5:30 amSit and Be Fit Circulation

This upbeat episode focuses on movements designed to get the blood flowing through the body.

6:00 amSit and Be Fit Footwork and Core

We take our feet and core muscles for granted. In this episode Mary Ann uses a variety of new exercises to focus on the importance of your feet.

6:30 amWai Lana Yoga Release, Arch and Stretch

Use these simple neck exercises anytime to release built-up tension. Arch your spine and open your chest in Fish Pose. Then stretch your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

7:00 amArt to Heart, Early Childhood Creativity The Artful Environment

An environment that fosters creativity is more than bricks and mortar. Materials, attitude, and teacher/parent involvement are also important to providing a comforting yet challenging atmosphere. At the Key Learning Community in Indianapolis, Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences is put into practice; Reggio Em...

7:30 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Christmas!

This adventure finds the Cat in the Hat, Nick and Sally on a journey around the world to help a lost reindeer find his way home to Freezeyourknees Snowland in time for Christmas. On the way, the Thingamajigger breaks down and they depend on a variety of animals -- from African bush elephants to bottlenose dolphins to red cr...

8:30 amDinosaur Train That's Not A Dinosaur/Tiny's Garden

The kids visit the Big Pond to attend the Biome Block Party. While attempting to win the leaf-necklace contest, Keenan Chirostemotes claims the Pteranodon sibs can't compete for the prize for 'dinosaur' with the most leaves because they are not dinosaurs. This launches the kids into a song called 'That's Not a Dinosaur', as...

9:00 amWild Kratts: A Creature Christmas

In this one-hour special, it's Christmas time and the Wild Kratts are taking a break from creature adventuring to celebrate. But when the Wild Kratts receive an alert that their favorite creatures are suddenly disappearing around the globe, their holiday party quickly turns into a rescue mission. Our heroes must race agains...

10:00 amBiz Kid$ Using Your Credit-Crazy Or Compelling?

Don't live on borrowed time. Join the Biz Kids and you'll see the true cost of purchasing with credit. You'll also have an unsettling look at credit scores and the increasing number of people and places (employers, insurers, colleges, etc.) who are using these scores to make major decisions that could affect your future. Me...

10:30 amAlabama Scholars Bowl Lamp Hs Vs. Theodore Hs

11:00 amEat to Live with Joel Fuhrman, Md

Cut through the hype and get the facts you need to lose weight and lower blood pressure and cholesterol without drugs. Dr. Fuhrman provides the latest research that sets you on the path to recovery even if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

1:00 pmSuze Orman's Financial Solutions For You

We all have financial issues and problems. Suze Orman's latest special sharply focuses on her helping individual viewers 'find financial solutions for you.' As always, Suze's advice is based not just on numbers, but on a critical understanding of ourselves and our emotional needs. The special's central theme is that our fin...

3:00 pmRick Steves' Tasty Europe

In RICK STEVES' TASTY EUROPE, travel expert and globetrotter Rick Steves eats his merry way through Europe. One delightful taste at a time, he shows how food is a prime ingredient in what defines cultures all across the Continent. Join Rick as he slurps seasonal raw herring in Holland and then savors a farm-to-table country...

3:30 pmRay Stevens Cabaray Nashville Special

Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville Special is a fundraising special featuring Nashville Songwriter, Hall of Fame member and Nashville Cat musician, arranger and artist Ray Stevens performing his greatest hits and some of his special guests from his weekly series. There's music, lots of humor and insightful conversation that take...

5:00 pmLawrence Welk: Precious Memories

Lawrence Welk Precious Memories abounds with spiritual hymns, inspirational songs and gospel medleys reminding viewers of their shared family values based on loving and heartfelt beliefs. This nostalgic special will lift your spirits, heal your heart and take you into the safe haven of your past with promises for a brighter...

7:00 pmThe Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years

Explore the history of the Fab Four from their early days in Liverpool to their last concert in San Francisco in 1966. The film, by Oscar-winner Ron Howard, reveals how the foursome united to become the global phenomenon that was 'The Beatles.'

9:30 pmSgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution

On its 50th anniversary, this new documentary takes a look back at the creation and ongoing influence of the classic album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, released by The Beatles in 1967.

11:00 pmEat Fat Get Thin with Dr. Mark Hyman

Many of us have long been told that fat makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, and generally erodes our health. Now a growing body of research is debunking our fat-phobia, revealing the health and weight-loss benefits of a higher fat diet rich in eggs, nuts, healthy oils, avocados, and other delicious super-foods. In t...

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