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Pledge Programs for Sun June 16, 2013

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1:00 amBattle for the Elephants

An examination of the slaughter of elephants follows five people waging a battle for the elephant.

3:00 amIndependent Lens Two Spirits

A revealing look at the life and death of one of the youngest hate-crime victims in modern history.

4:00 amWashington Week With Gwen Ifill

WASHINGTON WEEK is the longest-running primetime news and public affairs program on television. The show features a group of journalists participating in a roundtable discussion of major news events.

4:30 amNeed to Know

RAY SUAREZ ANCHORS. Medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay investigates readmission penalties, an element of the Affordable Care Act designed to reduce costs and lead to more coordinated healthcare once patients are released from the hospital.

5:00 amGED Connection Nonfiction

This program takes a look at the kinds of nonfiction that will appear on the GED Language Arts Reading Test. Nonfiction is based on facts. R eading nonfiction helps people make informed decisions, learn new skil ls, and accomplish goals at work, school, and in their personal lives. The program begins by following a woman wh...

5:30 amGED Connection Fiction

This episode of GED Connection talks about the elements of fiction you need to look for when you read. Fiction is a story that the writer ha s made up and the GED test has passages from both contemporary and cla ssic works of fiction. This program discusses ways to analyze fiction and says that a good way to start doing tha...

6:00 amWorkplace Essential Skills Planning to Work

Emphasizes career planning and the role of work in people's lives.

6:30 amWorkplace Essential Skills Matching Skills and Jobs

Tools to help you assess your own skills and then find a job that fits.

7:00 amCurious George Grease Monkeys in Space / Pinata Vision

The Man with the Yellow Hat's dream of space travel is finally coming true! He's been assigned to repair a large telescope, but it's a two-man - or rather, a one-man and one-monkey - job. Also: When George attends Betsy's birthday party he gets the first shot at breaking open the birthday pinata.

7:30 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Trees Company / Now You See Me

Nick likes his tree house so much that he wonders what it would be like to stay in a tree all of the time. As a result, Cat teaches him and Sally about animals that spend their entire lives in trees. Later, Cat introduces the kids to his pal Gecko.

8:00 amSuper WHY! Cinderella: The Prince's Side of the Story

When Little Boy Blue disappears, the Super Readers solve the mystery with help from the prince in "Cinderella."

8:30 amDinosaur Train Paulie Pliosaurus / Elmer Visits the Desert

The Pteranodon family meet a marine reptile called Paulie Pliosaurus during a special underwater trip. Then, the Pteranodons take ocean pal Elmer Elasmosaurus to the desert.

9:00 amMartha Speaks Skits Under the Weather / Martha the Weather Dog

Skits' dislike of thunder leads him to try to outrace a storm; Wagstaff City's meteorologist wants Martha to be her weather dog and predict the weather, but Martha's prognostication skills aren't very good.

9:30 amWordGirl Highway to Havarti / Tiny Big

The Botsford Family vacation gets diverted when Becky discovers that Dr. Two-Brains is going to be performing his latest heist at the International Cheese Exposition.

10:00 amClifford the Big Red Dog Doghouse Rock / Guess Who's Coming to Birdwell Island

T-Bone puts together a pop band that Mac would like to join. Then, a dog champion comes to Birdwell Island and all the dogs want to impress him.

10:30 amArthur Three's a Crowd / 'A' Is for Angry

Prunella invites Marina to do yoga with her and her mom. Arthur competes with Brian in a checkers competition.

11:00 amDr. Wayne Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled

Defeat unproductive habits now and find the tools necessary for living a satisfying life with spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer.

2:00 pmEasy Yoga for Easing Pain

Based from her home in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Easy Yoga for Easing Pain will feature Peggy both explaining and demonstrating why yoga can effectively alleviate the pain in painful joints. And to further reinforce the value of incorporating yoga as part of daily living, we will track five or six individuals whom Peggy ...

3:00 pmOscar Hammerstein II - Out of My Dreams

Glee star Matthew Morrison hosts a celebration of the most acclaimed lyricist of the 20th century.

4:30 pmCeltic Woman: Songs From the Heart

Celtic Woman vocalists Lisa Kelly, Chloe Agnew, Lynn Hilary and Alex Sharpe, with violinist Mairead Nesbitt, perform at Irelandís historic Powerscourt House and Gardens in Enniskerry, County Wicklow. The musical repertoire ranges from spirited Celtic fiddle and bodhran pieces to lush arrangements of Irish classics, contempo...

6:30 pmJoe Bonamassa: An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House

The blues rock guitarist and singer performs an acoustic concert in the iconic Vienna Opera House.

8:00 pmMasterpiece Inspector Lewis VI: Down Among the Fearful

When a psychic is found murdered, Inspector Lewis and DS Hathaway discover that the victim is really an Oxford psychology research fellow. As they probe further, the truth behind the psychic's double life unravels, revealing numerous suspects.

9:30 pmSuper Brain With Dr. Rudy Tanzi

Cutting-edge neuroscience research is used to show how we all can maximize our brain's potential.

11:00 pmUse Your Brain to Change Your Age With Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen shares simple steps to boost your brain to help you live longer and look younger.

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