Combo:DVD-Nature Snow Bears + Polar Bear Plush

Combo:DVD-Nature Snow Bears + Polar Bear Plush

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DVD: Nature: Snow Bears + 18 Inch Plush Polar Bear
In addition to the program DVD, we have included an 18 inch plush polar bear! Here's a bear you'll want to hug! This soft and huggable plush Polar Bear is very adorable coming straight from the outdoors and now into your home. Standing up 18 inches tall, this plush can be cuddled and played with - perfect for kids and adults alike.


The enchanting true-to-life tale of polar bear cubs and their mother on a 400-mile journey from their birth den in Svalbard to the pack ice surrounding the North Pole. It's a fun-packed, snowy adventure as two young bears learn how to survive. The journey is triggered by the arrival of spring when the ice vanishes from the island of their birth, and with it the seals. Polar bears must follow their prey to the year-round pack ice in the far north. Narrated by Kate Winslet.

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