DVD-The Migraine Solution

DVD-The Migraine Solution

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e’ve all had a pounding, throbbing headache in our lives, but for any of the 36 million Americans that have experienced a debilitating migraine, and their loved ones, this disease changes everything. And for the rest of the world, it’s one of the least understood and most mysterious chronic diseases. The Migraine Solution unravels the mystery and debunks the myths, looking toward a world without migraine. Hosted by Maria Shriver, The Migraine Solution weaves together information from leading experts, interviews with patients and medical animations that show the challenge of managing a migraine experience. The Migraine Solution travels from laboratories in California at Stanford with Dr. Sheena Aurora and her team and then to Dr. Lawrence Newman and Dr. Dawn Buse in New York City. These scientists and researchers are all working to further understand the complex inner workings of migraine – what causes them and how best to treat them. With verité footage, we witness the work they do with patients in the lab, which helps to reveal the struggle they are overcoming with trying to solve a very complex neurological disease with no easy answers. We then visit with Dr. David Dodick and his team from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. He becomes a leading voice of explanation, as his team leads us through the latest cutting edge understanding of the science behind migraine. The Migraine Solution will use 3-D medical animations to help explain the science behind what causes migraine and help to illustrate the possible solutions that each medical team is investigating.

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